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Share Your EFT Success Story

Please share your success stories with others in the EFT community! Each time you share, you inspire others to use EFT for similar problems.

We review submissions for relevance, style, and adherence to good EFT practice (focus on specific events, aspects, etc.) before being posted. Stories should be educational rather than commercial, and at least 500 words in length.

Avoid explaining basic EFT concepts like the tapping points, but list details such as the Setup Statements you used.

Your title should be descriptive of the issues addressed in the story. Our writers may edit them to make them search-engine friendly.

If you would like ideas for the structure of your article, you can read our practitioner case study guidelines.

EFT story articles tend to be 500-1,500 words, but longer submissions are welcome. EFT story articles are published continually throughout the month and shared in the weekly EFT Newsletter. The time between your story submission and publication on EFTUniverse.com varies, but may be several months, depending on the timing of the submission and our backlog. Story submissions go through a review and editing process and your story may be edited for style, length, grammar, and accuracy.

For questions about the suitability of your content for the EFT Universe site, please visit our terms and conditions page.

Thank you for sharing your story!