Unlock the Power of Tapping Through a Self-Paced Home Study Course

Unlock the Power of Tapping Through a Self-Paced Home Study Course!

EFT Universe online courses are great. Participants report big shifts when they tap along with our guided web-based tutorials. Enriched with hours of video, audio, and expert tutoring, they’ll connect with you whether you’re a visual, auditory or verbal learner. Take them from home at your own pace. EFT Universe has specialized courses for:

check blueLove Relationships
check blueWeight Loss
check blueFirst Aid
check blueCell-Level Physical Healing
check blueFibromyalgia
check blueCoaching Psychology
check bluePsychological Trauma

Many of our courses have been validated in scientific studies published in peer-reviewed journals. Select the image below for the course you’d like to explore:


U Intimacy 150Love Relationships
You don’t have to feel alone. Learn tapping for loving relationships now.


U WeightLoss 150Weight Loss
Many studies show that EFT is effective not just for weight loss, but for keeping weight off long term. Learn tapping for permanent weight loss.


U FirstAid 150First Aid
Don’t wait till an insect stings, or you get a cut, burn or bruise. For the sake of your loved ones, learn to use EFT for first aid here before you have an emergency.


U PhysicalHealing 150Cell-Level Physical Healing
Based on the book “The Genie in Your Genes”, this online course trains you in 12 skills that science shows actually turn on health and longevity genes inside your body.


U Fibro 150Fibromyalgia
Based on the research showing that many people heal their fibromyalgia symptoms with EFT, and you can too.


U Coaching 150Coaching Psychology
The neuroscience behind lasting change with coaching.


U PsychologicalTrauma 150Psychological Trauma
Healing its roots in body, brain and memory.