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In the Getting Into Bliss Brain course, Dr. Dawson Church guides you through 8 meditations designed to retrain your brain to default to bliss rather than the negative, stressful thinking in which most of us spend our days.

The 8 Meditation Themes:
  1. Activating Bliss Brain: Feeling good every day
  2. Releasing the Suffering Self: Your suffering self is not who you really are
  3. Activating the Enlightenment Circuit: Enlightenment dwells inside you
  4. Intensifying the Meditative Experience: Turning positive
  5. Becoming One with the Universe: Living joy, love, and compassion
  6. Cultivating Attention: Choosing where to focus
  7. Building a Resilient Brain: Meeting life’s twists and turns with calm
  8. Meditating in the Group Energy Field: Drawing strength from the universal field
What you will gain from Getting Into Bliss Brain:
Increased sense of well-being
Greater focus and concentration
More optimism and less pessimism
Greater ability to handle difficulties
Stronger sense of self
Feeling of connection with others and the universe
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