Imagine having access to the wisdom, love, and guidance of the universe every day...
You're getting the tools to spark changes in your brain function. This puts you in a perfect state to connect with your Higher Power.
Come take a...
21 Day Walk With Your Higher Power
Twenty-one days from now, your life could look completely different. You could be connecting — day by day — with your Higher Power.
Imagine if you...
Had a trusted friend…
standing by you — even in your darkest hours.
Were never lonely…
because a loving presence always showed up for you.
Had a wise sage...
to guide you during confusing and overwhelming times.
Felt a connection…
with nature and the universe every day.
Gained access…
to universal wisdom when faced with perplexing problems.
Felt a comfort…
that springs from within — even when times are tough.
Enjoyed an identity…
anchored in something greater than yourself.
Had an inner wellspring…
of calm serenity in the midst of turbulence.
Did not have to rely on fickle…
friends and family for emotional support.
Had a trusted inner advisor…
to help deal with life’s perplexing dilemmas.
Had an unfailing source…
of resilience for life’s inevitable griefs and losses.
Most of us are shaken by the challenges of the world around us
When our families, careers, friendships, communities, or finances are in turmoil, it produces inner turmoil as well. We can feel upset, disconnected, overwhelmed, and frustrated. We don’t know where to turn for advice. Most people around us are struggling too.

But when you have a relationship with your Higher Power, you have a constant and stable source of wisdom, friendship, security, comfort, and knowledge. You have a wise and comforting friend who is always there for you, no matter how challenging your life might become.

If you don’t have a relationship with your Higher Power, you’re cut off from this source of wisdom and support. You face the world without those inner resources. You rely on conflicting and confusing sources of information from friends, books, media, and websites
We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
Albert Einstein
We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
Albert Einstein
Without the perspective of your Higher Power, you’re looking for solutions at the same level that produced the problem. You’re trying to create a better life for yourself but with access only to the sources of information and guidance that produced the circumstances you’re in today. You’re looking “out there” for solutions that can only be found “in here.”

Once you’re linked to your Higher Power you have access to sources of wisdom and inspiration that transcend your circumstances. You have a sense of connection with something greater than yourself.

This connection cannot be taken away from you by anyone. Your Higher Power is always there for you.
Every person’s Higher Power wants to connect with them, but most people are too distracted and too busy to accept the invitation. They look for answers in the world around them — not realizing those answers already lie within.

When you set aside a few minutes each day to deliberately develop your relationship with your Higher Power, you’ll find it’s there for you immediately. It doesn’t take much time or energy, but you have to make at least some effort to receive the benefits your Higher Power is longing to share with you.
Yes! I'm ready to connect with my higher power!
Top 10 Myths About Your Higher Power
Myth #1
It’s difficult to become aware of my Higher Power.


It’s easy, as long as you use the right tools.

Myth #2
I’m not convinced I have a Higher Power.

That’s because you haven’t prioritized the relationship, not because your Higher Power isn’t there for you.
Myth #3
Only special people are able to connect with their Higher Power.

Just the opposite. Higher Power is there for everyone.
Myth #4
You have to be “spiritual” to gain access to your Higher Power.

Not at all. No background in spirituality or religion is required.
Myth #5
Connecting with my Higher Power is mystical or metaphysical.

Connection with your Higher Power is a physical sensation in your body.
Myth #6
You can only access your Higher Power during times of crisis.

Your Higher Power is available to you every second of every day.
Myth #7
If connection with my Higher Power was easy, I would have figured it out already.

Most people are just too distracted by life to become aware of their Higher Power. You need to use appropriate practices to gain access.
Myth #8
The concept of a Higher Power is just imaginary, it’s not real.

People who use these tools often describe their Higher Power as “more real than reality.”
Myth #9
A Higher Power is a concept from a religion or cult.

The idea of a Higher Power is found in many philosophical and spiritual traditions. It is not associated with any one religion, and is not a cult.
Myth #10
It takes years of practice to reach elevated states like my Higher Power.

Neuroscience studies show that you can get there in less than 30 days.
Combining Modern Science and Ancient Wisdom
The techniques in this course come from two sources. One of them is ancient, going back thousands of years. Great sages from the East and West have discovered techniques that allow you to sense your Higher Power. Use these time-honored methods and you can quickly connect with your Higher Power.

The second source from which this course is drawn is modern neuroscience. Studies using advanced brain imaging tools like MRIs and EEGs have shown us that certain techniques produce much faster change than others. This course gives you access to the methods that spark changes in your brain function quickly and reliably.

They activate a lobe of the brain called the insula. It’s the part that processes what neuroscientists call “prosocial emotions.” Among these are gratitude and compassion.
In MRI studies with monks and nuns, the insula is highly active. These meditation adepts are exceptionally happy, resilient, and creative. Studies show that, by using the techniques in this course you can change your brain function and activate your insula in less than 30 days.

These ancient practices are filtered through a modern lens. The insights of current neuroscience have allowed scientists to determine quickly which techniques are most effective. These are the ones you will learn in your 21 Day Walk with Your Higher Power.

Each day of the course builds on the previous step. You’ll start by preparing your mind, heart and emotions for this all-important relationship. You’ll learn the feelings in your body that are present when you’re in touch with your Higher Power. You will learn to shift your perception of reality to align your mind with your Higher Power. You will turn the connection with your Higher Power from an occasional flash of insight into a source of daily guidance.

At the end of the 21 days, you’ll know how to do this effortlessly. Rather than having to figure out the perplexing complexities of today’s world all on your own, you’ll have access — through your Higher Power — to the wisdom of the universe.

This has the potential to change everything from your money, to your career, to your health, to your family, to your intimate relationships.
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50% Off Today!
Add the 21 Day Walk With Your Higher Power online course for just $99!
No thanks, I am not interested in changing my life today and claiming my 50% discount. I acknowledge that if I decide to change my life later, I will pay the full price of $199.
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