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Dear EFT Community,

When Nina Zamudio's friend mentions during an online chat that her husband is suffering from a severe migraine while traveling, Nina responds with written instructions for using EFT to address the migraine. The husband did the tapping, along with surrogate tapping by Nina, and all was well.

- EFT Universe

by Nina Zamudio

I can’t believe I have a story to submit. While I’ve watched EFT videos and sporadically use EFT on myself, I often forget that it’s a good resource “at my fingertips.”

I was chatting online with my friend Tammy whose husband, Jimmy, was on a road trip to a marksman tournament. Apparently, she was trying to fill his migraine prescription at a pharmacy up ahead of him on the road as he traveled. She was having trouble finding a pharmacy that had it in stock and when she did find it, they would only sell them in quantities of six, which was quite expensive. I didn’t think much of it, thinking he’d forgotten his pills, and they were “just in case” he got a migraine. As our chat continued, she would interject “Shoot, he just passed the town I was calling the prescription into!”  and I asked “Does he have a migraine right now?” She said “Yes, yes, really bad.”

I said, “Okay, this is going to sound kind of “out there” but just go with it…”

Now, I know Jimmy would normally not go for anything like EFT because he would think it was too weird, but I thought it was worth a shot. I decided to pare it down for him since he was suffering and on the road.

I typed to her what to do:

“Have Jimmy take 3 fingers of his right hand and rub a spot to the left of his sternum, above the heart. Have him rub around in circles and he'll find a "sore" feeling spot (he has to rub hard enough to find it).

Once he does, have him rub into it in circles for at least 45 seconds straight, a minute if he can stand it. Then have him tap above his eye (beginning of eyebrow) for 5 seconds, outside corner of the eye, at the temple but nearer to the eye (5 seconds), and then below his eye/ocular bone ridge (5 seconds).”

She typed, “Okay, I'm going to copy and paste that to him.... You do realize he's going to give us the raised eyebrow 'You're kiddin' me' look.”  I laughed to myself.

On my end, I did surrogate tapping, saying the Setup phrase and tapping for him: “Even though Jimmy has this painful migraine…”

She typed, “Poor baby, he must really be hurting because he is TRYING it... says he found a sore spot already...” I kept going with my tapping for him.

She typed, “Update: 'This eye tapping thing is cool.'"

Then: Update: "I actually do feel better."

Then: Update: "That gave me a good bit of relief."

This all took about 15 minutes to go from a strong migraine to a very manageable state. The sufferer, who would normally be completely skeptical and had never heard of anything like EFT, got relief from techniques being relayed from friend to friend to husband. Did I mention that I’m in California, she was in Texas, and he was on the road to Louisiana as we did this EFT relay from computer to computer to cell phone? Oh! And it saved $225 for the emergency prescription refill they were going to get!

Thanks for the tools for helping others in need! 

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