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EFT Tapping Halts a Skeptical Client’s Migraine

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Here, EFT practitioner Gillian Wightman tells of helping a migraine sufferer over the phone, ending her headache within five minutes. The originally skeptical, now grateful client said of the rapid alleviation of her pain, “I would still like to think it is coincidence, but in my heart I know it is not.”

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By Gillian Wightman

My husband, who practices craniosacral therapy, received a call from his client because she was suffering from what she described as “stress related” migraines. He was fully booked and because she told me they were stress related and because she was obviously suffering and had a migraine as she spoke, I offered her the chance of doing EFT over the phone and briefly explained the premise of EFT. She was very doubtful it would work and I told her I was not 100% sure it would, but I had some time and I was willing to try so it was worth a go. She had nothing to lose and so agreed to try.

The cause of her distress was the fact that her mother was very ill many miles away and she was feeling upset because she couldn’t seem to get the doctors caring for her mum to investigate the symptoms. They were putting it down to possible dementia and she felt it was something more.

She admitted to me she felt very uncomfortable about talking about her feelings and this was probably the cause of the jaw tension that she felt was the cause of the migraines. I asked her to focus on the jaw pain and give me one word to describe what she felt. She said it was anger. We tapped on “Even though I feel this anger in my jaw, I am okay.” Then it changed to “Even though I feel this fear in my jaw, I am okay.”  And then it shifted to “Even though I feel this guilt in my jaw, I am okay.”

She was astonished when, after only three rounds in just five minutes, her jaw had relaxed and her migraine was gone. She felt it was too much to take in and was very confused by how it had happened, so I gave her the EFT website address and told her to look it up if she wanted more information, and then she quickly ended the call.

She phoned today to make an appointment with my husband for her knee and she said to me, “By the way, thank you, my migraine disappeared and has not come back. I would have expected it to because my mother has cancer and my life is even more stressful now. I would still like to think it is coincidence, but in my heart I know it is not.”

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