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EFT Tapping Resolves Decades of Migraines: No More Meds

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Dear EFT Community,

In this article, Dr. Carol Solomon tells how she helped a client resolve the migraines he had suffered twice a month for most of his life. Interestingly, he did not have a headache during their session, yet the EFT work they did together resolved his chronic headaches.

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By Carol Solomon, PhD

My client “Dan” had debilitating migraine headaches for most of his life (he’s 36). Dan had these headaches about twice a month “never at a convenient time.” In the past, he had to take prescription medication and leave work to go home and sleep it off. He experienced the usual symptoms of migraines: impaired vision, nausea, hot and cold sweats, and pounding headaches. Since the headaches could last two to three days, it was disruptive to both his work and his home life.

Dan admits that he is a person who is not in touch with his emotions. He describes himself as being very good at suppressing emotional issues, which then resurface as a migraine. He believed that his headaches were triggered by stress. He would get them, for instance, while waiting in the doctor’s office. He was worried that his doctor might find something wrong.

Since Dan did not have a headache at the time of his appointment, I asked him to choose an issue that might be bothering him. Dan chose a situation at work. His company was being acquired. He was angry that another group had asked to “borrow” one of his group members, and they never got him back. It left Dan with more responsibility, less support from management, and a financial impact for both him and his employer. He felt like he was “left with nothing.”

We worked through his feelings about this situation using a series of statements:

Even though, we lost one of our guys, and the workload is increased…

Even though there’s a financial impact on me and the company…

Even though I feel angry, disappointed and frustrated…

Even though I feel like I am left with nothing…

Even though I have to work harder now…

Even though the responsibility lies on me, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though my management can’t help me…

Even though I feel that I have no support…

Then tapping around the body:

Feeling angry
Feeling disappointed
Feeling frustrated
Left with nothing
I have to work harder
Feeling unsupported
This anger
Feeling unsupported

Dan immediately felt more at ease and confident about his situation at work. Since that single session, he still gets an occasional headache, but the frequency is much less, and it doesn’t turn into a full-blown migraine. Actually, he had one migraine in the last five months (instead of his previous twice per month) and he reduced that to a dull headache with eight rounds of EFT. When minor headaches come on, he does several rounds of EFT on the physical symptoms (“This headache,” etc.)

He has also incorporated EFT into his daily workout routine to work on whatever emotional issues might be bothering him. He keeps a list of painful memories and life stressors and focuses on one or two each day.

Dan has not needed prescription medication since our session five months ago, and he is thrilled! His comment: “Having tools that are better than drugs is great!”

I have to agree.