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EFT Ends Chronic Migraines after Medication Stopped Working

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Dear EFT Community,

In this article, Jonas Slonaker tells how he helped a friend finally resolve the chronic migraines she had suffered from for years when she asked for help after the prescription drug she had been taking to control the pain stopped working.

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By Jonas Slonaker

I wanted to tell you about what happened at our house last night. A neighbor and friend, Pilar, stopped by to talk to me. She has been having migraine headaches for years. Recently, the prescription she took for them stopped working and she and her physician were in the middle of looking for a new drug that might help.

She knows I have tried many alternative medicine modalities, which helped me heal from cancer, so she wondered if I had any input concerning acupuncture, which she was considering. I do still get acupuncture treatments once a month so I told her about my experiences with that.

When I finished talking about acupuncture, I asked her if she had a migraine at that moment. It was clear to me that she did since her eyes were squinting plus she was talking slowly and also her breathing was heavy. She said yes, of course. I then asked her if she were to rate it on a scale of 1 to 10, what number would the severity be. She said it was a 5.

Then I asked her, “Do you want to try something now? It is a cousin of acupuncture.” She said yes, so I had her move over to the seat next to me on the couch. I showed her the spots for tapping first and we both tapped on them. She remarked how relaxing that felt.

Then I asked her what the migraine headache felt like. I didn’t want to do a generic “Even though I have this migraine, I deeply and completely accept myself.” She mentioned a few symptoms, so I asked her what was the overwhelming feeling regarding the headache. She said it felt like there was a metal band squeezing very tightly and painfully around the top and sides of her head.

So she rubbed the Sore Spot and said after me: “Even though I have this metal band squeezing my head…” Then we tapped on all the spots with the Reminder Phrase of “This metal band and this painful pressure.” When we finished, her eyes were wide open and no longer squinted and her breathing had lightened up. I asked her to rate it again on a scale of 1 to 10. She couldn’t stop saying things like: “I can’t believe this. This is impossible. This is freaky!” I finally got her to rate it. She said it was a 2.

We rubbed the Sore Spot again while saying: “Even though there is this remaining band of pressure…” etc. Then we tapped again with the reminder of “Remaining pain and pressure.” When we were finished, she once again expressed amazement. She told me the migraine was completely gone.

This had all happened in probably less than 10 or 15 minutes. She told me that should never have been possible, that it should have taken hours for the migraine to go away. Pilar also told me that she had a wonderful sensation when she was saying the words “I deeply and completely accept myself.” She said it felt true and she also said she never felt like she had accepted herself before in her life.

Of course, the experience was equally wonderful for me! I have helped other people with EFT but never like this.


My friend Bill saw Pilar yesterday and she had not gotten another migraine. She told him she was completely baffled! She expected that our tapping was only for that headache and that another one would come the next day since she is not taking any meds to prevent migraines now.

Follow-up 2

Pilar told Bill she finally got another migraine last night, which was four days after we tapped. She says that is amazing. She said that she tapped four rounds and by the fourth time, the migraine, which was a 7, left her! She did this all on her own, just from having that one short session with me. EFT is truly spectacular.

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