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Migraines Disappear after Core Issue Found with EFT Tapping

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Dear EFT Community,

Dr. Laura Maciuika tells of using EFT as part of her psychotherapy practice, and in her client Pam’s case, resolving her migraines by tapping away the underlying core issue.

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By Laura Maciuika, EdD

“Pam” was a client who had some experience with psychotherapy earlier in her life and was in a new chapter of inner healing with me. As I learned EFT and integrated it into my work as a psychotherapist, we often used tapping to help uncover and clear away layers of old emotional issues and patterns. Many of the patterns that came up early on were about Pam feeling driven and overwhelmed, yet not having internal permission to take the time and energy to take better care of herself.

Pam had a history of occasional but strong migraine headaches when she was under stress. One day when I came to meet Pam and walk her to my office, she was squinty-eyed and clearly in pain. She had felt the beginnings of a full-blown migraine coming on, but instead of darkening the room and climbing into bed with the covers over her head, Pam bravely got herself over to my office for her appointment.

We started with tapping on the pain itself, which was at a 9 in intensity on a 0-to-10 SUD scale. We shifted to tapping on the nausea as the strongest pain began to ease. Then as we completed a round, Pam looked up and said, “Oh!” She had gotten in touch with a key underlying element as we were tapping.

Pam said she suddenly could feel how she had moved away from the self-care she had been committed to recently. We did a round of tapping on Pam having slipped in her commitment to herself because things had gotten so busy and there was so much to do.

We included her recommitment to herself and good self-care in the Setup phrase and in alternate tapping points. At the end of the round, as Pam emphasized her recommitment to herself, the remaining head pain disappeared, there was no more nausea, Pam’s eyes felt clear and free of tension; there was no trace of a migraine coming on, or even a mild headache.

This took the first 20 minutes of our session. Pam was amazed at both the quick disappearance of a growing migraine and the clarity of the underlying self-care issue that had made itself known. We continued to work together for another two years. During that time, Pam never had another migraine headache.