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Javier Gomez writes with intuitive, creative approaches to helping a woman in severe pain use EFT to get to her true feelings and bring them out in the open


By Javier Gomez

I visited a 58-year-old woman who had severe and chronic sciatica pain in both legs for the past 20 years. She had already consulted all kinds of doctors, orthopedic practitioners, specialists and had even had specialist massage treatments, hot stones and magnotherapy.

The list she mentioned was so long that I can't really remember it all. She had suffered this agonizing pain for 20 years, day and night. Her work is very heavy as she does farm work in California, spending most of her time doubled over collecting produce.

When I saw her, she walked leaning over on her left side and had a slight limp on her right and her back was slightly bent. She seemed to seek a certain balance in her body that would alleviate the intense pain she felt. I could see this without her saying anything.

After explaining the different EFT points, the gamut point and eye movements, I asked her to explain in detail what she thought she had.

She said that after consulting so many doctors and therapists and not being able to find a remedy, she had given up and was starting to believe what some of her friends had repeatedly told her; that someone had put a curse on her and she was in this condition due to someone having paid for this curse to be placed on her.

As it seemed that this belief could limit the results, I asked her how true she felt it was that she was cursed. She hesitantly said that she sort of believed and sort of didn't. On a SUD Level scale of 0 to 10 her belief about being cursed was at a 5 and she insisted that sometimes she believed and sometimes she didn't.

We did three rounds of EFT saying:

Even though I believe I am cursed, I deeply and completely accept myself.

After the three rounds she said that she definitely did not believe it and I mentioned that if someone had done that to her, her own belief was what gave the curse its strength and that after these three rounds, any supposed curse that she believed had been placed on her had completely disappeared. Her appearance and her face started to change.

When we started to seek the root cause of the sciatica pain I asked her if she remembered any important event which may have happened during the time when the pain started. She remembered that shortly before the sciatica pain started she had problems with her husband.

He had left her for another woman and whenever he returned home it was only to exacerbate the bad relationship between them. All she could do was unload her rage using curses and nonsense. Even though she acknowledged that she was very rude and even insulted him, inside she really wished he wouldn't leave.

In spite of it all, she still loved him and even though it wasn't the first time he had gone off with another woman, she had a feeling that this time he wouldn't come back.

On evaluating the pain level in both legs, she said that on a scale of 0 to 10 they were both at a 10 and she mentioned that she hadn't taken any painkillers because she was coming to me for treatment and didn't want any medication to mask the effect. This way we would be able to check the treatment's effectiveness. We started with an initial round on the specific curse which gave me a clue about the tense relationship she had with her husband at that time.

Even though I hate you, you filthy dog, I deeply and completely accept myself.

We did a couple of rounds with this wording and then did another round with even stronger wording which she also used a lot at the time:

Even though I wish you were dead you bleeping son of a bleep, I deeply and completely accept myself.

We did three rounds with this phrase and she could hardly believe that after having done them her pain intensity had dropped to a 5 - after 20 years! This took about 30 minutes, including our chat looking for the root cause.

We repeated both rounds, but couldn't get the intensity any lower than a 5. I then asked her to think of any fears that she might have had during that time and she mentioned that there were several of them. We then worked on collapsing those fears, little by little, as they emerged.

She was afraid of what would become of her family without her husband's support, so we worked on:

Even though I'm very scared of having to support my family, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I'm worried about not being able to support my children, I deeply and completely accept myself.

The fears disappeared after 4 rounds with each phrase, but her pain only dropped from 5 to 4. I asked her to think of some other fear and she mentioned that there was something else which worried her and caused her panic: remembering the woman her husband had left her for. She said that every time she thought about her she was filled with panic and anxiety.

She was sure that it was this woman who had placed the curse on her and she was truly afraid of her.

When we worked directly on her fear towards the woman, we used the following two phrases:

Even though I'm scared of this old bleep, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Even though I feel a lot of hatred towards this old bleep, I deeply and completely accept myself.

After doing 5 rounds with each of these phrases, her pain dropped from a 4 to a 3. We again looked for more hatred and fears, but nothing came up. As she seemed to be out of ideas, I turned to the Movie Technique and without hesitation she said that her movie was titled "My Disaster".

When I asked her to tell me the most important part, she said it was when she told her husband that she hated him and that she wished he was dead when in fact she loved him with all her heart and wished she had the courage to forgive him. But she couldn't as she felt very humiliated.

On the one hand she wanted to kill him with her own bare hands and on the other, she wanted to run to him and hold him and cover him with kisses, but there was something that was stopping her from doing that: her anger at feeling abandoned for another woman.

I asked her if she had ever behaved in a hypocritical way and she said that she hadn't, but when I explained to her that she said 'drop dead' but felt 'I love you' she had been hypocritical because her true feelings were 'come home, I forgive you' even though she expressed the opposite.

When we did a round on:

Even though I was a hypocrite with my husband, I deeply and completely accept myself.(we did 2 rounds on this) and then:

Even though my hatred was a lie, I deeply and completely accept myself.

Her pain intensity dropped to a 1. It stayed at a 1 - we were stuck, nothing moved. Then it occurred to me to ask her if she really believed that she could be healed. She told me that even though the pain had almost disappeared, she was convinced that some pain had to remain as she had lived with the pain for 20 years and even though she had almost complete relief she still believed that she "had to have some pain".

I told her jokingly: "What's happening is that you have become friends with the pain and you don't want to let it go. It has been a faithful friend to you and you have become fond of it. It never abandoned you, day or night. When you were doing the housework, it was there. When you were asleep, it was there.

When you were at work, it was there. It never left you; it was very faithful, unlike your husband." She laughed and said: "Maybe that's true, my faithful friend. I think I'm really going to miss him!"

We both laughed and I asked her to imagine the scene while I tapped on her. Her great friend died: the sciatica.

We had to bury it so we took it to a cemetery and buried it. While we shoveled dirt onto it, we bade it goodbye: "Thank you, my faithful friend who has taught me so much. Thank you for your fidelity, but you are dead now and we lay you to rest. You will never return. Goodbye, good friend." She amusingly added: "Goodbye my angry friend; you will never return."

After this, her pain almost disappeared but she told me that she still felt a little bothersome pain which went from her knee to her foot. Fortunately I had just read Dr. Joe Dispenza's latest book in which he states, (more or less) firstly, the brain gives out orders and then creates substances which become symptoms and these symptoms then affect the orders, creating a vicious circle: effect-brain-blocking orders-symptoms and physical damage-pain-effect-brain.

(Please contult a physician on medical issues)

I then did something intuitively: I asked her to sit down and give me her right foot, which is where the pain was. I grabbed her last two toes and pulled. She felt a very sharp pain and they 'cracked'. I held her foot by the ankle and twisted it to the left and to the right and it 'cracked' a few more times, then it stopped.

I asked her to stand up and check the pain again. Now it had completely disappeared. I felt a shiver run through my body and gave thanks to God for allowing me to be the instrument through which EFT had brought healing to this woman. All this took place between 4 and 11 p.m.: seven hours in total.

This was 11 months ago and the pain has not returned - not even a trace. She now lives free of her torment.

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