Advice To Those with Neck Pain: Try EFT Tapping

eft for back pain by dawson

By Glenda Payne, EFT Practitioner

I met with a 55-year-old female for our first session. "Lisette" was experiencing severe neck pain and headaches. She was already somewhat familiar with EFT tapping, so I reviewed the EFT tapping points with her.

We went through one tapping round just on "accepting herself, even with the pain and headaches."

As the tapping began to help her relax her body, I had her describe the pain in color: it was clear, red anger at a SUD intensity level number of 9 out of 10. After a round of EFT tapping just on the clear, red anger she experienced some nausea and dizziness but reported her SUD level had decreased to 8 and said, "My body is much calmer and I have less anxiety."

I asked Lisette to tune back in to the pain.

The color had changed and it had decreased in size. I asked her if she had any injuries that might be a factor, but she said there weren't. She noted the underlying emotion was anxiety at level 6 or 7. We tapped on anxiety in the next round, with little change.

I then asked if the pain had a message and she replied, "You don't have to worry and take on others' problems. You just need to relax and it will be okay."

I asked her for a specific event she was worried about. She felt she was so behind with paperwork at her job that she was not effective to those who needed her.

We did a round on constricted breathing through an overwhelming feeling of "constantly behind the eight ball."

After that round and a guided visualization of being at work, feeling relaxed, and channeling all of the energy she had been using to feel anxious into getting the paperwork done, she felt very relaxed, pain was down to 1 and her neck was moving freely and feeling very loose.

It was time to end the session so we did a sneak away on any remaining SUD level.

A few days later, I happily received the following message from Lisette:

“Hi Glenda, my apologies for not replying to you sooner because I wanted to let you know that the tapping session made a huge difference to the pain I was experiencing in my neck and shoulders—it essentially went away after our session!"

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