Alive With Pleasure as EFT Relieves 40-Year Ankle Paineft for back pain by dawson

By A. Raworth

A friend telephoned me to ask me to please help him with his terrible ankle pain.

He'd heard about me using EFT and he was at his wit's end, so much so, that he'd taken prescription co-codamol for the pain. Co-codamol is a compound analgesic consisting of a combination of codeine phosphate and paracetamol.

When I arrived at his home, his pain was at a SUDS Level of Intensity number of 10 out of 10 for extreme pain and was clear by the look on his face that he wasn't kidding.

He'd been in a motorcycle accident 40 years prior that had resulted in a badly broken ankle and kneecap, severe pain in his ankle, and ankle swelling with discoloration. He had been to surgeons and doctors, but as the original break was so bad there was little could be done for the constant pain that remained, apart from painkillers.

There were many small bones and fragments of bone that time the repair was done, it was not as successful as it could have been with newer surgical technology.

We went through the EFT Basic Recipe a few times and the 9 Gamut Procedure, but he still said that he felt the pain, which was there all the time, and it was distracting him from concentrating.

After five rounds of tapping for "this bloody ankle pain," there was some slight difference.

Even though I have this bloody ankle pain, I deeply and completely accept myself.

I used his words as he felt them.

He used quite a few swear words when describing his pain and I used his words for the affirmations:

"Even though this bloody pain is driving me mad, I completely love and accept the way I am."

"This shitty leg is killing me, but I accept and love myself anyway."

We spent an hour tapping through "his movie" and his SUD intensity level number went down to 6. I felt that he was tiring and we made an arrangement for a session the next day.

The next day after a bad night's sleep and having taken two co-codomol, the pain had improved and continued improving throughout the day without further pills. We tapped, as before, and this time the pain went down to 2.

I asked him to use the technique every time he went to the bathroom, went to bed, and when he woke up. He was amazed by his results and promised to do so.

One week and two sessions more, he was still tapping and the pain was much reduced, almost a SUD Level number of 0.

We were now working on the swelling.

He was over the moon at the results and began regularly using EFT tapping and spreading the word. Now the only time the pain SUD number rises above a 1 is when the weather is very damp. One month later, the pain was so reduced that co-codomol was eliminated. He still uses EFT tapping on a regular basis. He even showed EFT tapping to his daughter-in-law who had been having trouble sleeping. She has had excellent results using EFT, too.

He also began using EFT for a bent finger which had no movement at all. When I saw him later, he stated that after 3 day's worth of EFT tapping, he now had movement and could wiggle it from side to side. He was elated!

He is a star performer and a credit to EFT.



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