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EFT Clears 10-year Neuropathy

Dear EFT Community,

Gwenn Bonnell relates a dramatic demonstration of EFT’s effect on neuropathy to a group of rather skeptical dentists.

-Stephanie M

By Gwenn Bonnell

A few years ago, I demonstrated EFT to a group of 20 dentists. This was a challenge since they were very “medically” inclined and I have no medical background. All I knew was that tapping on people made them feel better. These dentists were interested in a method of pain control, so that was the focus of my presentation.

Before addressing EFT for neuropathy for the group, I used EFT to eliminate the shoulder pain one of the younger dentists had from a rotator cuff injury. When we addressed the symptoms, there was no change in the pain. He knew the medical terminology for his condition, however, and once we inserted the name of the muscles that were injured into the Setup Statement and Reminder Phrase, the pain immediately disappeared. And he recovered full range of motion in his shoulder and arm.

Then I was led to the “leader” of the group, a gentleman in his 50s or 60s who’d had neuropathy in his feet for over 10 years. After a few rounds of EFT, the neuropathy was gone! He couldn’t believe it–took his sandals off, walked around, the whole bit. I think the group thought the neuropathy was more of a challenge than the rotator cuff injury and were impressed because they knew this guy would not say his condition improved unless it actually did. So big success!