EFT for Back Pain: Pain and Emotions

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Larry Burk, MD, is a radiologist, a physician specializing in X-rays. He has found a divergence between what shows up on scans and the levels of pain and other symptoms that patients report. Here are some of his observations about the link between pain and emotions.

Dawson Church

By Larry Burk, MD

Pain and Emotions

It is instructive to note that many ailments that seem to have an underlying anatomical cause may also have a deeper emotional root as well.

As a radiologist, I am acutely aware of this situation since there are many scientific studies of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) indicating that a surprising number of people with no symptoms whatsoever have rather a dramatic abnormalities on scans obtained on a volunteer basis for research purposes.

Equally puzzling, there are many patients with conditions such as fibromyalgia who have no abnormalities on nay MRI scans.

David g. Borenstein, MD, and colleagues (2001) published the results of their research into the predictive value of MRI scans regarding back pain. In their study, 67 asymptomatic individuals with no history of back pain underwent MRI of the lumbar spine.

The scans revealed that 21 subjects (31%) had identifiable abnormality of a disc or the spinal canal.

The findings on MRI scans were not predictive of the development of duration of low-back pain.

Similar studies have been reported in asymptomatic volunteers for MRI findings int he cervical and thoracic spine, the shoulder, and the knee. This research calls into question the assumed cause-and-effect relationship between symptoms and anatomical abnormalities.

The same issues are raised by the fact that some patients get better when their physical pathology is corrected through surgery, and some do not.

In additional research studies on the placebo effect, sham surgery has produced relief of symptoms when nothing but a skin incision was made at the time of the procedure. All of this information lends support to the concept that deeper emotional issues are at the root, which can be addressed with EFT.

Excerpted from EFT for Back Pain by Dawson Church, Page 44-45




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I am a Chartered Physiotherapist and CranioSacral Therapist and interested in discovering more about EFT in back pain

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