EFT for Dental Fear and a Major Dental Procedure

Dear EFT Community,

Angela Treat Lyon was up against an intense dental procedure that typically causes great pain and aberrations for days afterwards. She used EFT before, during and after the procedure and says, "I went in the next day to have my bite adjusted a bit, and the dentist was so astonished that he took photos of how good my mouth looked."  Please pass this case on to your dentist!

-Will M.

By Angela Treat Lyon

Recently, I had a grand opportunity to put EFT to the test. I was going to have full-mouth laser surgery.

To describe the dental procedure quickly: they burn a laser light between your teeth and your gums to burn out old tartar and bacteria. Amazingly enough, it's purportedly great for regenerating bone growth. As an understatement you could say it's a bit painful to have a needle with laser light inserted and burning off detritus from tooth and bone, so they numb your entire mouth. That alone takes about half an hour and some pretty big needles.

So I called my EFT buddy, Helena Summer Medena, to do some massive tapping with me because, in my experience, the energy builds up more powerfully with more people tapping.

I felt so fortunate to be able to tap with her because she saw things I was too close to and had missed. We spent a good long while tapping Tuesday night - on all my old fears of the dentist, of pain, swelling and other surgery-related stuff, as well as on some unfun beliefs around dentists and doctors I still had.

And since I have the privilege of being the one who is designing and creating sports performance expert Stacey Vornbrock's sports injury recovery ebooks, I got her permission to use some of her tapping protocols for the trauma and pain and injury I expected, and I went to bed feeling relaxed and actually pretty happy.

I was feeling lots of energy running through my system the next morning, but I wasn't even a fraction as freaked as I'd have been if we hadn't worked on releasing and clearing. This is where it started to get good. When I sat in The Chair getting prepped, the assistant took my blood pressure. The reading was 131 over 76. I asked her to humor me a second, and silently did some tapping - no more than a minute's worth - Even though my BP is up and I want it under 120... nothing fancy.

She took the reading again, and it was down to 116 over 76.

She was blown away, and wanted to know right away what the heck I'd done, so I gave her a three second overview about EFT. There wasn't time for more since the procedure was now underway. (Later they bought copies of my EFT Shorty Book for their patients to read at both their offices!)

The first two hours went OK - yep, 2.5 hours+ total - it's a long time! When they numbed my mouth, they numbed ALL of it - top, bottom and all sides. I haven't had the greatest relationship with administered drugs in the past, so I imagined and mentally tapped on creating an energetic 'wall' surrounding my mouth area, ending at my nose, under-jaw and ears that would confine the numbing stuff to the mouth area only.

I don't know if that stuff migrates, but I wasn't taking any chances. Even though I'm scared these drugs will leak into my throat and I'll gag, my head will be numb, I'll react in some allergic way...

I also tapped on asking and allowing my body to heal lightning-fast, not even allowing any bruising or swelling, and with any part of me healing as fast as it got hurt or bumped or disrupted by the dentist's hands or tools.

I pictured a bubble of reality where things healed as fast as thought, and created a mental image where I inserted my whole mind and body into that bubble, and tapped on not believing that could happen until it felt true to me that it really could and actually was happening.

I have to admit I never could completely relax - there was a continuous stiffness in my upper back - I felt like I was holding on to the get-ready-to-fly feeling - but it was only at about a 2 out of 10 rather than the nose-bleed 100 out of ten it would have been before.

I mostly felt OK, and just observed as they (all three of them - 4 hands in my mouth and 2 more assisting!) did all the things Helena and I had tapped on.

And instead of viewing them as hurting me, I kept remembering they were helping me preserve a pretty important part of my body if I was going to live to over 100 (as my son keeps insisting he wants me to do) - I'll be damned if I'm going to get all the way to 100+ and be toothless!

I tapped silently and steadily the whole time, squeezing the karate chop point and the ends of my fingers since I couldn't make big tapping moves under the dental bib they had me wear.

Suddenly at the beginning of the last half hour, I lost my concentration. I was exhausted from keeping the vigil. I kept forgetting to tap.  I even forgot that I could tap on forgetting...

At the end there was one point where the dentist went out of the room and I had to use the rest room. As the assistant helped me out of the chair, my legs went kind of weak. In my life, there have been times when time simply froze, and I knew I could make any choice I wanted. When that happened again as I got up from the chair, I could clearly see I could choose being weak and faint or I could choose my body being strong and enduring. Well, I've been the weak route before and didn't much like it, so I chose strong.

When I got back to the chair, I realized I had overcome an old pattern - as a kid if I was sick or acted out, I got my father's attention. I saw that I didn't have any of that need left. It was an odd experience, because it felt as if there was a hole where the old behavior had been.

I decided being happy no matter what would work for me. During the last 30 minutes when they went in with a sonic scraper to remove any hard tartar (not much, thank goodness), and since the numb was beginning to wear off, I was starting to feel more and it hurt!

So even in spite of that, I tried cheerfulness on - Even though it hurts more now, and the numb is wearing off, and they're using my chest as shelf for their dental tools and it hurt when they toss stuff on me...

Helena and I spent another half hour talking and tapping after she took me home. I had been given a prescription for pain pills and never filled or needed it. I barely needed the Ibuprofen, and stopped using it after the first day.

There has the most infinitesimal amount of pain and the littlest, itty-est swelling the first day, and since then, no more swelling and pain only in a cavity that still needs work. Nothing more from the surgery. People have told me that when they had the same thing done, their entire heads looked like black and blue watermelons, but I've had no bruising, no soreness, no inflammation.

I went in the next day to have my bite adjusted a bit, and the dentist was so astonished that he took photos of how good my mouth looked.

In case you have any dental procedure to go through, here's a list of some of the things I tapped on (not including Stacey's protocols). I did exaggerate a bit just to make sure I got it all.

Even though I'm afraid of pain...
Even though I hate going to dentists and doctors...
Even though I'm afraid I won't be able to pull away in time if he jabs me...
Even though I hate the frickin' water sucker thing...
Even though and how the assistant pokes me with the thing
Even though and the company that makes them with those hard, unsoft ends - what were they thinking?!?...
Even though I hate the drill, the sound of the drill, the smell of the stuff he uses, the chair, the needle, x-rays, the mouth wash and how undignified I look drooling all over the place...
Even though I hate feeling stupid when I ask for what I want (like information or a break)...
...rage at a couple of earlier dentists who really messed up my teeth
Even though I can't eat anything but soft foods for ten whole days...
...no chewing, even!

Maybe knowing that a potentially trauma and pain-filled procedure can come out so well will help you get through your next dental visit. Even if you don't believe it works to tap, remember that you don't have to believe in electricity for your lamps and heaters to work.

Tap like this:
Even though I'm so afraid,
... I know he'll hurt me
... I'll get poked and prodded
... my body is afraid,
... I still love and respect myself, and
... I'm choosing to let the fear go!
... I'm asking and allowing my body to heal fast
... all the way down to the cellular level,
... and to send away trauma as fast as it comes.

I like to tap remembering that all a feeling is, is an indication that there is energy there to be released and transformed into usable, creative energy. When you say, 'I hate dentists,' all you're doing is releasing feelings you've had for a long time and that need to come out. Once they're out, it's easier to relax and choose to use that same cleaned-up juice to make your new choices - just as I did when I got up out of the chair to use the rest room.

It feels weird sometimes to be free of pain or complaint because we are all so conditioned and even encouraged to see only the dark side and to hang out in victim mode.

I refuse to allow that whole sob-story suck me in. I believe in taking back my power and tapping. And that if I don't exchange that corrosive, downward-spiraling energy for the lovely, bright, ever-expanding energy that is me at my very core, and that is eternally at my beck and call, I do myself a great disservice - and everyone around me as well. I shake my head in wonder sometimes at my great fortune to have been in the right place at the right time to receive the blessing of EFT.

Smile and say ahhhhh - life is good! Once again, I thank you for your introducing the powerful tool  of EFT into the world.

Much aloha,


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