EFT for Pain when Someone is Passing Away

Dear EFT Community,

Mim Grace shares with us an instance of how EFT brought peace and comfort to a woman approaching the end of her life.

-Will M.

By Mim Grace

I recently worked with a woman dying of lung cancer and emphysema. She was in terrible pain, angry and bitter, remarkably unhappy. Forty minutes later, she was pain free, smiling, and feeling like a good person... and promptly went to sleep quite peacefully.

We started with her physical pain which was a "10" on a scale of 0 - 10, - sharp pain between her shoulder blades and coming to the front in the center of her chest.

I tapped on her as she was too weak to move her arm.

Even though I have this pain between my shoulder blades...
Even though I have this pain between my shoulder blades, I am delightful Donna.
Even though I have this pain between my shoulder blades, I choose to relax.

It took about 10 minutes to get the pain down to 0 on a scale of 0 to 10, then we did the same thing for the area in the middle of her chest. Another 10 minutes, same as above.

As I mentioned, she was bitter and angry about everything. She even sent hospice away.

I thought it would be good if she could pass away peacefully and calmly.

Even though I am angry...
Even though I feel bitter, I choose to be calm and relaxed.

I kept tapping on her, the shortcut method, and she repeated what I said.

I am a kind person
I am a good hearted person.
I am calm and relaxed.
I feel warm and wonderful.
This warmth spreads throughout me.
From the top of my head, down my head, down my neck, filling my chest, filling my torso, descending into my thighs and knees and calves and ankles and feet.
I am warm and comfortable.
I am kind and good hearted.

I then told her she could repeat the sentence mentally, rather than out loud while I tapped on her, and we just went over and over these positive ideas.

At the end, she said she was pain free and went into a most peaceful sleep. I am very glad she had these peaceful moments before she passed away.

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