EFT for Severe TMJ

Dear Readers,

Lorie Michaels made little headway with EFT for her chronic temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ) until she decided to get specific with her issues.

-Will M.

By Lorie Michaels

This experience answers two questions that I am consistently asked:

1. How well does EFT work if you are doing it on your own? And 2. Does it last?

I have had chronic TMJ and headaches for as long as I can remember. I volunteered for a clinical study using mouth guards and an experimental topical ointment that promised relief if I was willing to keep using the (unnamed) topical drug. I was told that if I didn't follow their protocol, I'd need surgery on my jaw. Obviously, the facial pain and headaches were bad enough that I was open to being a medical guinea pig. After my first appointment and wearing the incredibly uncomfortable mouth guard, I knew there had to be some other way. Fast-forward two years to my introduction to EFT.

As a newcomer to EFT, I was very skeptical about how effective EFT could be for such a chronic physical problem (hopeful and willing, but skeptical). I tried it half-heartedly on my TMJ without stunning success. Here's what I was saying:

Even though I have chronic TMJ;

The ache lessened a bit, but didn't go away. I watched more of the EFT DVDs and read about what to do if it doesn't feel like EFT is working. Two of the suggestions were to be specific and persistent. So, I went back to work on my TMJ.

I visualized the pain and gave it as much specific language as possible. And I did several rounds. Here's what I formulated this time:

Even though I feel intense pressure in the back of my left jaw, and when I bite down it's excruciating;

Even though the pressure and pain in my jaw feels like a screwdriver is being driven into my wisdom teeth;

Even though this pain and pressure feels like a dull screwdriver pressing into the muscle and bone of my jaw;

TOP OF HEAD: this intense pain

EB: aching pressure

SE: like a dull screwdriver jammed into my jaw

UE: this ache

UN: this intense pressure

CH: can't bite down

CB: jammed into my jaw

UA: intense pain in my left jaw muscles

TOP OF HEAD: still have the pain in my jaw

EB: it hurts like hell

SE: the intense pressure

UE: hurts so bad it itches in the muscle

UN: like broken glass when i bite down

CH: tired of the pain

CB: this intense pressure and pain

UA: pain in my jaw

TOP OF HEAD: little better, but it still really hurts

EB: remaining pressure and pain

SE: remaining glass shards in my jaw

UE: still have pain in my jaw

...and here, I stopped when I felt/ saw a little explosion of energy or light. I'm not sure how to describe it, other than a burst of warm energy right inside of the jaw muscle I'd been focusing on. And the pain was totally gone. I chomped down and wiggled my jaw and tried to get the pain back. No dice. It was completely gone. Talk about being sold on EFT.

Three years later, I'm still marveling that I wake up in the mornings without searing jaw pain. I can yawn without my jaw slipping out of place and I no longer worry about it getting stuck open (which it used to do... and that really hurts!). 

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