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By Glenda Payne, EFT Practitioner

This was a fascinating session. I met with a 62-year-old female who wanted to explore why she felt the need to totally recreate her life, from relationships to jobs to relocating, in a repeating cycle every 7 years. Judy was just heading into the seventh year of the current cycle. She was feeling extremely tense throughout her body as she contemplated a possible relocation to a new state.

The tension appeared as a dark cloud filling her from within. She felt an overwhelming pressure to take action. First we tapped just on the dark cloud and reduced the SUD level from 10 to 3 after a couple of rounds. Then we began to explore her childhood. Judy is the second eldest of seven children and was seven years old when the seventh child was born. Her new sibling was a miracle baby, as the pregnancy and delivery were very difficult and nearly fatal. When they finally brought home her miracle baby sister, the entire household was filled with excitement. Prior to that, the home situation had been nearly intolerable. She stated that all of the dysfunctional family dynamics seemed to be coming to a head. The near loss and survival of the miracle baby negated the pattern by changing life perspective for the entire family.

Judy was having a lot of fibromyalgia pain the day of our session, which she said was at a SUD level of 8. We tapped on those physical symptoms. After a few rounds, she uncovered feelings of guilt at level 10 for being mad at her body. We did a few rounds, starting with the Setup Statement “Even though I feel so guilty because I’m mad at my body, I totally forgive and love myself exactly as I am,” until we had tapped the feelings of guilt down to 0.

At session end, the guilt was gone and she was unable to find any pain in her body. She felt reconciled between her heart and body and full of laughter at the realization that every 7 years she was trying to recreate the excitement and relief from stress that her miracle baby sister brought to the family via her arrival.

She was in total laughter at the realization of how that 7-year cycle had played out in her life. She was thinking of moving again to be closer to her son. After the session, she realized that she is very happy where she is. She has a well-established network as an artist in the art community where she lives now, she has her friends, likes her life, and does not want to move. She went from barely being able to move her head due to all of the pain and tension to feeling complete freedom of movement, fully relaxed, and bubbling with laughter.

After our work together, I was happy to learn her results are still with Judy. She was kind enough to send me the following: “Glenda is amazing at what she does. She is intuitive, caring, compassionate, and truly a joy to work with. She has a talent for recognizing and zeroing in on the underlying issues, and helped me to realize my own power to let go and be happier for it.”

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