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Dear EFT Community,

Melloney Atuahene shares how the use of EFT freed her from the tooth pain from which she had been suffering for 6 years.

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By Melloney Atuahene

For some 6 years I have had a serious toothache that would rage war inside my mouth roughly twice a year, sometimes three times. The reason this went on for so long is because every time I went to the dentist the tenderness would be so awful he would give me antibiotics and extract a promise from me to come back after the course of antibiotics to have the tooth removed. Of course, I never returned.

Vanity dictated that I held on to this tooth, even though it was loose and the dentist said the root was rotten and it would never reset. He insisted that if I did not have it out I would continue to have cysts form underneath it leading to this twice-yearly torture.

One Sunday night at 2 a.m. I was awakened by the worst pain EVER in my mouth. I had no pain killers, and nothing else would soothe this agony. I was in too much torture to even consider hypnotizing the pain away, and then I remembered, I had recently downloaded the EFT Manual, and my experimentations with clients had produced interesting and surprising results. Still I was convinced that this was just another American "flavor of the month."

At this moment in time, so desperate was my situation I would have even gone to a witch doctor! So with nothing to lose, I tapped away. Twenty minutes later, I was tapping on this pain and thinking, "I knew this wasn't going to work." The next thing I knew it was 7 a.m.

I was awake and breezy, bright as a button, and confused. No sign of pain. I could not even make the tooth hurt. It was still shaky but pain free in under 5 hours (maybe only 20 minutes!). Prior to that I would have waited a full 7 to 10 days for the pain to be completely gone after taking antibiotics.

This was Saul on the road to Damascus stuff. INSTANT CONVERSION! No client of mine escaped a dose of EFT. In the following 2 weeks, I noticed a rise in confidence and assertiveness, an unwillingness to tolerate unreasonable behavior from others, and a willingness to speak up and not put up with things for the sake of keeping the peace.

I then had an idea. Supposing I could get this tooth to reset, in spite of what the dentist said. So, I set myself up to be consistent and single-minded about tapping for the next 3 months. During that time, night and day, I tapped for the tooth to be healthy and firmly rooted back in its cavity, solid in enough for me to chew nuts on, etc. I guessed that if the tooth was going to reroot itself, I should realistically allow 3 months.

During that period, a realization hit me. Six years previously, I began the relationship with my present partner. Incumbent with that relationship was his 22-year-old daughter who took every opportunity to make it clear that I was a usurper and could never be welcome. What would astonish me was how blind my partner was to her behavior. She would have no qualms about being publicly humiliating, but she would do it in such a way that it could easily be construed that I was being oversensitive and she could deny it.

By now I was questioning my sanity and swallowing and ruminating on all of this injustice. Of course, it festered, and as the "therapist" in the family I was expected to be levelheaded and not be given to angry outbursts—the natural mode of self-expression in that family.

When I finally understood that ANGER was at the root of all my machinations with this family, I promptly spoke up about the situation and got it resolved (she and I are now friends). I had totally forgotten about wanting my tooth to be firmly rooted, when suddenly one day, some 6 months later, I realized that I was chewing nuts on that side of my mouth. My tooth was firm—no sign of looseness—and it continues to be so.

Interestingly, when I tell colleagues about EFT and they choose to dismiss it, as I did, what has brought about their
conversion" has been my offering to give them a trial session—and massive amounts of anger have been released! It seems that anger can make us blind, deaf, and dumb (figuratively speaking, of course)!


0 #4 Catherine 2014-03-22 15:40
... And that is what I know about EFT tapping.

BTW, I am a daughter of a nurse and I grew up working part-time helping my mother around the medical office where she worked, so if the burns were bad I'd seek medical attention. I don't want to give the impression that anyone should go without medical care. But what I have found with EFT is that it is calming and brings you into the moment instead of spiraling an incident out of control in your brain and possibly making it worse than it would be if you remain calm. I hope you find relief with your teeth and the pain involved. ~C
+1 #3 Catherine 2014-03-22 15:39

I work with EFT practitioners, while raising a want-to-be scientists. My house is full of skeptics and the best way to learn about something is to try and prove it wrong. I decided to try EFT when I burn myself in the kitchen, which is a common occurrence for me, since I am stubborn about buying prescription eye-wear. Skeptical that it works, I have tried it when I have burned myself in the kitchen. I have Irish thin skin that scars easily. Usually, I get a nasty blister that hurts and takes forever to heal. The last three times I burned myself, and it hurt like a son-of-a-b I tried tapping, saying things like, "I love and accept myself for feeling stupid," almost laughing while saying it, then tapping on how weird it felt to tap. Each time no blister formed and the redness subsided the next day. It would hurt for about the first 5 minutes, then I'd forget that it happened.
0 #2 nadia khodja 2014-03-21 21:01
I am currently going through what was described above right now with a wisdom that I have been advised has a cavity. Last night I was awake most of the night and at 4am thought I would have to attend the ED. None of the pain relief has worked and it's now Saturday afternoon, I am going to try and do the tapping to see if it works. Does this work even if you are a skeptic?
+1 #1 Susan Sklair 2014-02-27 12:02
:-) I had a booking for a dental extraction today, grabbed the wrong set of car keys so could not get there on time, had to cancel, did an EFT session with a wonderful tapping buddy who sent this article to me, and now I will rather go the eft route than extract. So thankyou Carol Sachs< Melanie and the universe; feeling inspired!

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