EFT Resolves Chronic Back Pain from Short Hamstrings

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Fiona McCallion shares how she used EFT to help her daughter overcome her chronic back pain resulting from shortened hamstring muscles. Three years later, she is still pain free. This story illustrates how EFT can help even with a physiological problem, such as that evidenced by X-rays in the case of Fiona's daughter. 

-Will M.

By Fiona McCallion

I've been following EFT for several years now and have experienced its astonishing effectiveness firsthand. I'd like to share this story with you.

My youngest daughter had chronic back pain pretty much all her life. We'd tried Reiki, which helped her cope with it, and chiropractic, which worked for a while after each treatment, but then the pain would return.

She was about 12 when we returned to the doctor and were referred to a specialist at the local hospital. After examination and X-rays the specialist indicated that it was shortened hamstrings that were causing the pain and referred her to a physiotherapist for exercises to lengthen them. Frankly, it wasn't helping much with the pain. Sorry to go into so much detail, but the point is that the pain was caused by something physically wrong that could be pointed to on an X-ray.

It wasn't until we went on a trip to see her grandmother, a 4-hour drive from where we live, that the thought occurred to try EFT. My daughter was complaining that her back was becoming difficult to deal with from sitting for so long. She had to tap on herself because I was driving. I decided to use the "chasing the pain" approach. When we started, her level of intensity for pain was 10 on a scale of 0 to 10.

Even though my back is really sore, I'm a good kid and my mummy loves me.

Even though my back is still really sore...

Even though this pain wants to stay with me...

Her level of intensity dropped a few points to 6 out of 10 and the pain moved a bit. At this point, I decided to change tack and suggested:

Even though my mum is really weird and wants me to do this stuff that can't possibly work...

Even though this pain is clinging on for dear life and doesn't want to leave...

Even though my hamstring doesn't grow as quickly as the rest of me...

Now the level of intensity of her pain was only 2 on a scale of 0 to 10.

Even though this pain is too scared to drop off the end of my spine and onto the road because we're driving very fast....

Even though this pain would rather stay in the car with me than drop off onto the motorway and get squished by the traffic....

Even though I still have this little 1 pain clinging on to the base of my spine....

There was laughter and giggles with her decreasing level of intensity, and by the time we arrived at her grandmother's, the pain was completely gone. When we told the physiotherapist at the next appointment what we had done, she (the physiotherapist) said she had heard of EFT and that if the pain was gone, my daughter should continue doing the exercises, but didn't need to see her again!

My daughter has remained pain free since then, except when she does too much PE at school! She's now 15, by the way.

The whole treatment, which was life changing for my little girl, took about an hour and a half in the car. 


0 #1 Steve 2014-02-06 12:01
Even though a doctor believes that a certain pain is being caused by something physical, EFT practitioners know from experience that if it can be relieved by tapping, the cause was probably not physical.

Also, the words of an "authority figure" can program a person and set them up for negative outcomes that might never have materialized. And it can also do the opposite.

I read about a study where doctors told patients they could expect the pills being prescribed to be very effective. And they were, while patients of doctors who said nothing about their pills did NOT feel the same kind of relief.

Even experienced EFTers often forget to ask themselves "What emotional issue was I dealing with when this pain began?" especially if they've done something physical that seemed to be the cause of the pain.

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