EFT Resolves Chronic Postsurgery Neck Pain 

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In this article, Robin Friedman, certified EFT practitioner, certified life coach, and hypnotherapist, details how EFT eliminated a client’s chronic neck pain that she had suffered since neck surgery 2 years before. This account illustrates not only how effective EFT is for pain issues, but also how it can work even over the phone.

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By Robin Friedman, Certified EFT Practitioner

I had a client who had chronic neck pain after surgery involving a laminectomy, spinal fusion, and putting in rods and screws. We set up a phone session, and since she was new to EFT I explained the history and the tapping points.

“Susan” is a registered nurse, so very medically educated, but she had never done any energy work. I believe she was skeptical about EFT, but open to any help possible.

She had the neck surgery 2 years ago and has had pain ever since. “They cut me open and put rods and screws in me,” she commented.

I asked her to describe what the pain felt like.

She said it was a sharp, throbbing constant pain on the right side of her neck.

“I’m going to ask you some questions that might seem odd,” I next explained, “but just see what comes up when I ask them.” 

If the pain was a shape, what shape would it be?


If the pain was a color, what color would it be?


How big is the pain, what physical size would it be?

“5 x 5 inches—from my spinal cord and below my neck, and out farther than my neck.”

On the scale of 0–10, what is the level of pain right now?


If you dropped down into the pain, what emotion would be living there?


I asked her to thank the anger for showing itself to her and explained that we often don’t want to see those emotions. Then I asked: Is there another emotion underneath the anger? “Powerlessness. Lack of Control over my body.”

Susan said the doctor had told her that the muscles had atrophied and the muscles around there were like rocks.

We started out very simply, since this was the first time she had tapped.

Even though I have this pain in my neck, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I have had this pain ever since they put rods and screws in my neck, I deeply love and accept myself. 

Even though they cut me open and put rods and screws in my spine, I accept who I am and how I feel and I’m choosing to let this pain go.

We went around the points for several rounds, just saying a lot of the information she had given me:

This sharp, throbbing pain.

The right side of my neck.

This jagged pain.

This red pain.

This 5 x 5 pain.

This anger in my neck.

This powerlessness in my neck.

This lack of control over my body.

This pain sticking out of my body.

They cut me open.

They put rods and screws in me.

Constant pain for 2 years.

The muscles have atrophied.

The DOCTORS told me the muscles have atrophied (authority figure).

The doctors told me the muscles have ATROPHIED.

The muscles are like rocks.

After several rounds, I asked Susan to tune in to see if she noticed anything. She was quiet for a while and then said she thought the pain was down to a 3. I didn’t go into depth on any one aspect but continued on for a few more rounds with the same information.

Then we started to reframe a little:

They cut me open.

No wonder I have pain in my neck! (Here she laughed.)

No wonder I have pain in my neck.

This lack of control over my body.

This anger and powerlessness in my neck.

But it is really miraculous that modern medicine can do this.

I could have been paralyzed without it.

(I had asked her how she felt about the rods and screws in her neck, and she said she was grateful. Did she resent them being in there at all? She said no.)

I am so grateful for these rods and screws in my neck.

I am so grateful they could open me up and help my spine.

I am so grateful for this surgery.

Then I asked her to re-rate the pain. She was quiet for a long time and then kept saying “Interesting! Interesting!” and finally said, unbelieving, that the pain was gone. "Like a 0?" I asked. “Maybe a 1,” she answered.

So we did the floor to ceiling eye roll while tapping on the Gamut point, and I also had her do the eye circles both clockwise and counterclockwise. After that she reported the pain at a 0 and was amazed.

I asked Susan what she would like to have in her neck instead of the pain and she said peace. If peace was a healing color, what color would it be? “Gold surrounded by violet.” 

So we visualized this healing light coming down into her head, spreading peace, light, and healing everywhere it touched, into the neck, bathing all the muscles, and then down through the whole body and back up and out the heart, filling the aura with peace and health and then expanding that to fill her room, the house, the town, her state, and the world.

 “This is amazing!” she exclaimed.

The pain was totally gone, which she could hardly believe, and she reported feeling peaceful, calm, loving, and renewed.

Several days later I asked her how her neck was and she said much much better. Though a little stiffness had returned, it was nothing like it had been, and it was empowering to Susan to know that it could go away and that she had some control over it.

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