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EFT Resolves Plantar Fasciitis

EFT Resolves Plantar Fasciitis

Dear EFT Community,

Here, performance coach Marian Slaman tells how she helped her mail carrier overcome painful plantar fasciitis and in the process uncovered the core issue of worry that her body wasn’t strong enough to continue in her job.

-EFT Universe 

By Marian Slaman

My mail carrier, Marcelle, had been off her route for several months but returned to the job two months ago, saying that she had been off her route because of pains in her feet. Short on time, I gave her a handout on EFT, told her to tap, and sent her on her way. A few days later, I saw her and she had some questions for me about the process. She was uncertain on the tapping points and wanted to know what it could do. Standing in the driveway, I took her hand and, while she described the pain, I began tapping on her finger points. The burning in her feet reduced immediately and her feet felt better almost instantly. She was in awe.

She had been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, but since it wasn’t a work-related injury, she was not eligible for Worker’s Compensation and could not take time off work with pay.

Background: Plantar fasciitis is a painful inflammation often caused by excessive stretching of the plantar fascia. The plantar fascia is a broad band of fibrous tissue, which runs from the heel bone to the forefoot. Plantar fasciitis can cause heel pain, arch pain, and often heel spurs. To relieve the pain, you must provide cushioning and shock absorption. From orthotic therapist Denise Schramek, COT, BOC, RFO.

Marcelle’s pain began two years ago on a day when the mailbags were particularly heavy. The next day, despite the pain, she went on her route again. This time the pain intensified and there was significant swelling. As a result, she was off work for the next several days.

Upon returning, she remained indoors and did the portion of her route that was limited to apartment buildings and office complexes. She then returned to her regular route in March and, despite the time with the reduced route, the issue had not resolved itself. Her pain was so bad at times that when she returned home from work all she could do was rest her feet and ice them, and she couldn’t stand in order to make dinner or do dishes. Then the next day, with more pain, she would do her route again.

With being back on her route, her life became only her route and resting. She had been back on the job less then three weeks when I introduced her to EFT.

So, after our little session in the driveway, I sent her off, armed with her fingertips. Over the next few days and weeks she tapped while walking, when her hands weren’t full, when she had one hand available, and at the end of the night. From time to time, I saw her and made a point of poking my head out the door to inquire. She continued to sing the praises of EFT. In late April (after about a month of tapping), she informed me that it wasn’t working as well anymore. She would soon be taking a week vacation, so we scheduled an appointment for the Tuesday (her second day back), at the end of her shift.

When she arrived, both her feet weren’t bothering her, only the right foot. The pain had been about a 7 the day before and was a 7 then.

We tapped on the Karate Chop point:

Even though I have this pain in my feet…

Even though it hurts to walk…

Even though it feels like the bones are coming apart.

Even though my bones need to readjust to the route…

Even though it feels like I am coming apart…

We did several Setups, took a breath, and the pain had disappeared completely. (A one-minute wonder?) We only tapped the Karate Chop point. The pain was gone before we moved on. I didn’t have a chance to take her through the sequence.

I had her walk around.

We found a little pain (1) on the arch, and cleared it.

I had her walk around some more (including stairs).

We found a little pain (again about a 1) while turning, and cleared it.

I had her walk around some more.

We found a little pain (1) near the heel, and cleared it.

Additional Setups included:

Even though it is hard for me to move forward in life…

Even though I don’t like turning and adjusting…

Even though I don’t like stepping forward…

(Side note: Marcelle reported that her sister had made a comment that Marcelle didn’t like risk.)

At this stage, I told her I wanted her to check for pain. I had her twist and rock on her feet.

Approximately 20 minutes and her feet were fixed; she could find no more pain.

I considered sending her on her way but knew better. Knowing that it was likely an emotional issue had created this situation, I inquired a little bit. Marcelle is 56 and eligible for retirement at 60.

Truth statements: 0 = not true; 10 = completely true.

My feet won’t last until I retire. 8

I’ll have to work indoors and give up my route. 7

My body won’t last until I retire. 8.5-9

Although there was no physical pain, the emotional energy/belief system was that she would incur more and had fears around her feet remaining healthy.

We tapped some more:

Even though I am afraid my feet will hurt tomorrow…

Even though I’m afraid my feet won’t last four more years…

Even though I’m afraid my body won’t last four more years…

Even though I’m afraid I’ll have to give up my route…

Even though I’m afraid I’ll have to work indoors…

We had some movement with the truth statements, but not a lot, so we continued with the above and with some additional items:

Even though I am afraid of moving forward in life…

Even though I’m afraid I’ll end up crippled…

Even though the doctors say I have to live with this…

Even though e-mail, computers, and fax machines were supposed to create a paperless society, I have more mail to carry…

While doing the rounds, I added, “in sleet, snow, hail, and rain, the mail must go.”

I love my feet, my boss loves my feet, Marian and all her neighbors whose mail I deliver love my feet, my husband loves my feet.

I want perfect feet; I want feet perfect for a magazine.

All this paper I have to carry.

I’m afraid of not being able to be outdoors.

We tapped on the upper body that “carries the load” (shoulders, arms, back).

We tapped on the lower body that “carries her forward” (knees, legs, ankles, feet).

Although the truth statements were only dropping by 1 or 2 points each time, the progress was still there and, eventually, they lost their hold. The above truth statements all registered at a 0.

I asked what her response would be if she was to go back to work tonight and her boss was to ask her to do another shift. She was receptive to doing part of the shift, and had no concerns about her feet hurting at the end of the shift or through to the end of the week.

Marcelle was now comfortable with the idea of her feet lasting until she was 65 (5 years beyond retirement)–she wanted to keep working–and had no concerns that she would be relegated to working indoors. I could sense that the fear was gone and that she was much more comfortable with the idea of her feet (body) staying strong. In her words: “I feel brand new.” 

She also reported that she was having fewer sinus issues (allergies) and that normally at this time of year, if someone’s grass was freshly cut, she could tell. Thus the tapping was useful for that; she had suggested tapping to her husband, who had also had results with his sinus/allergy problems.

Report from Marcelle the next day:

She went home from our session relaxed and feeling good, not bothered by traffic and honking, and felt like she was “on cloud nine.” She “slept like a baby” that evening.

Having slept in, she jumped out of bed the next morning in a hurry. The pain she expected to feel wasn’t there.

She had no pain while on her route and she was aware that she was walking faster.

She finished the day without the slightest pain, something that hadn’t happened since the issue had begun 9 months earlier. She doesn’t remember having had a day without pain since it started, even on the days when she wasn’t walking her full route.

3 month follow-up: There has been no recurrence or the slightest pain in the 3 months since the original session.