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EFT for backpain and back aches

The results gained through EFT for back pain alleviation are often astounding. It has been found in clinical trials that EFT is incredibly effective in reducing pain - an average pain reduction of 68% within 20 minutes. You can find the results of these studies and more on our Research Pages. To have a natural, simple remedy to this pain is an relief to many of those who have suffered through years of pain and high drug costs.

If you or a loved one don't achieve quick relief on your own with the techniques found in our free EFT Mini-Manual, you can contact one of our certified EFT practitoners for more help, or enroll for an EFT workshop. Our bookstore is home to many helpful books, including EFT for Back Pain, which guides readers through the most common causes of back pain and ways to release underlying emotional contributors to pain. Please also take the step now of asking a question or posting a comment on our Pain, Symptoms and Physical Disease discussion group.

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