EFT Tapping for Sciatica: Accepting the Pain, Feeling BetterEFT for Back Pain book

By Patricia Schebsdat-Sciuto

I had worked with this client, “Virginia,” before. We had focused on the pain in her legs and buttocks. After our first session, the pain went away for some days, but it returned and it changed from day to day.

In our second session, I decided to explore whether there was another previous event in her life when she had felt similarly. She remembered that in 1982 she had sciatica that was severe and made her very afraid. She noted that she had never really processed that event.

We did one round of tapping with the Full Basic Recipe, including the 9 Gamut, using the description of what happened that morning and all the aspects of the event. Virginia remembered she was wearing a red sweater and having breakfast with her children when she started to stand and suddenly felt like a knife was being stabbed in her right buttock. She couldn’t move, neither sit down nor stand up. She was very afraid and distressed and had fear around not knowing what was happening and if she would ever be able to walk again.

After one round, her SUD level went from 8 to 0; she had no more charge around that event. She knew she could heal even after so much pain.

For me, pain in the body is more like a messenger that tells us or tries to make us see something we are not seeing or something we are missing in our lives in order to grow. That is why I suggested to Virginia that she do Empty Chair work to see what her legs or buttocks had to say, explaining to her that the pain could have a message for her.

I guided her into a relaxation and she sat her buttocks and her legs in front of her (mentally imagining this). I asked her to listen as if someone was going to say something and be open to what came. The first thing she heard was “Don’t be silly! Relax and enjoy life.” The second thing she heard was that her buttocks were jealous of her legs and she laughed. She explained later that she loved her legs, but she has tiny buttocks and she was always complaining that they were too small or not pretty enough. So she made a commitment to cherish her buttocks more. We ended the Empty Chair work with a round of tapping honoring what Virginia had realized and reinforcing her commitment to love her whole self more.

After we resolved the sciatica event from 1982, other emotions came up, such as the way she felt about her actual pain and that she was afraid to be a burden to her children. We used TAT on her belief that she was going to be a burden to her children. After that she felt lighter and optimistic.

Virginia told me later that she was pain free for three days and after that the pain came back. She realized that stress and tension where contributing to her pain and the main reason why the pain was going away after tapping was that she was relaxing and accepting what was. She noticed that, as soon as she felt some pain, her mind would make up a story, a scary one, and the pain would shoot up, but if she accepted the pain and focused on the present, the pain disappeared or was not as strong.

I gave her homework to tap every morning on the acceptance of pain, to give it a space and not resist it. Since doing that, Virginia reports feeling happier and the pain doesn’t frighten her as much anymore.

She still has pain and perhaps we have many other events and core beliefs to explore and relive, but the main thing is that this client feels empowered and optimistic. She told me some days ago that she was very thankful for knowing EFT tapping. She said, “It has changed my life!”

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