EFT Tapping Solution as First-AidEFT for First Aid Small

By Sally Sutton

While I was doing some cleaning (barefooted) a heavy old metal fan heater with square corners fell onto the last joint of my second smallest toe, corner first.

The pain was excruciating. For a few seconds I gave myself up to the idea of being unable to walk properly for several days, my toe swollen, my nail coming off; there didn't seem to be anything I could do to change things.

Then I remembered EFT, which I'd been flirting with, and thought I might as well try it.

I tapped:

Even though my toe really hurts. I deeply and completely accept myself and forgive myself'.

Then tapped through the EFT shortcut points while saying, my toe hurts - oh god it hurts - ow ow ow - it hurts - it hurts - for ten rounds.

The first few times I could barely concentrate on saying it, the pain was so strong. By the end it didn't hurt at all. I am so impressed.

No swelling, no limping - the skin was broken so it bled in a polite sort of way into a plaster bandage but healed over quickly, and a week later you'd never know anything had happened.

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