EFT to Clear the Emotions That Make Physical Pain Worse8 Master Keys to Healing What Hurts by Rue Hass

By Jennifer Jackson, Certified EFT Practitioner

I just have to share my recent experience of pain—mostly because it was SO DIFFERENT from what I have experienced in the past.

A few days ago as I was bending over doing housework, I felt a tweak in my lower back. It felt like something had caught and gotten stuck and I wasn’t entirely sure I could stand back up. I could feel a little fear rising in my chest because this particular tweak had never happened before. I took a couple of deep breaths and managed to stand up, but my back still felt tight, twisted, and just plain “off.” I rated the pain a 7 out of 10.

In the past I would have immediately gone to fear. Oh my God! Something’s horribly WRONG!! How long is this going to last? How long am I going to be out of my activities? Am I going to be STUCK like this FOREVER?!! And on and on… In the past, tweaks like this would get worse, pain would spread throughout my body, and I might be miserable and in pain for several months.

I now understand pain as “stuck energy” and fear as the biggest magnifier of stuck energy, so I immediately began tapping.

Even though that was a little shocking and scary and this doesn’t feel good, I know this is going to be okay.

My fear came right down and my pain level came down a notch or two as well. I have a wonderful chiropractor who I trust and I was able to get an appointment for three days from then. In the past, three days would have seemed an eternity, but this time I told myself it was an opportunity for me to fully experience tapping for pain.

Though I had been in chronic pain for several years, I hadn’t had any real pain since I had become an EFT practitioner. My trusted chiropractor had led me out of pain originally, but I used to visit him often—first every week, then every couple of weeks. Once I began tapping, however, my adjustments held longer and longer and now I only see him a few times a year for a “tune-up.”

That evening my pain was still at a 5, so I gave myself a full tapping session. It didn’t take long to connect this pain with my fears concerning finances. I worked with that until I felt much better, and, when I checked in with my back, it was about a 2! I could still feel the misalignment, but my experience of the pain was completely different. It was a niggling feeling of being “off,” but something I could easily live with for the next couple of days. This happens for my EFT clients all the time, but I have to admit, I was still a bit amazed at experiencing such a dramatic difference for myself.

When I visited my chiropractor, he said there was a rotation in my L-4 that would definitely cause the pain I had described. He snapped everything back in place, along with some adjustments to my neck, hips, and feet until I was back in alignment again.

Even though pain is never fun, this was the best experience of pain ever! I am still on a high marveling at the power of the human mind to magnify or decrease our experience of pain and of EFT to communicate with the part of the mind that controls this experience. While I definitely had a physical misalignment that needed attention, my thoughts, emotions, and energy flow turned out to be a bigger component in my experience of pain.

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