Lifetime of Pain Eliminated With EFT After Finding Core Issue

Dear EFT Community,

Diane Dalton gives an account worth studying of how her own core issues came to light with the use of EFT.

-Will M.

By Diane E. Dalton

I have been practicing EFT for over a year with great success for myself and for my customers. But last week I had a revelation about myself that amazed me. For years I have had chronic neck and shoulder pain. My left arm does not fully straighten; it was paralyzed at birth due to brachial nerve damage. When I was younger I rock climbed and lifted weights, but as I grew older the pain increased.

I have used EFT for the pain, feeling the marble like muscle knots in my neck melt away.

Further tapping relieves the stiffness in the back of my shoulder. But in a few days the pain comes back again. I've tried any number of reversals to find the emotional source for the pain, but actually, I believed that the deformity, my age and lack of exercise meant this pain was inevitable.

While at coffee with friends, one of the women related her painful story of a re-birthing class she had taken. While she was talking my right arm began to tingle - a strange feeling I'd never had before. The feeling extended from my wrist to the top my shoulder and the shoulder felt like it was raised up out of place.

I related to my friends what I knew of my birth story, of the doctors telling my mother that my arm would remain paralyzed and there was nothing they could do - how she somehow found a doctor who had her exercise my arm every day for a year. They were surprised I had no anger about my pain; I had only a great empathy for what my mother must have gone through listening to her baby scream while she worked.

I feel teary even now as I think of her anguish.

That evening, I closed my eyes and tried to 'feel' the tingling sensation in my arm again to create a level of intensity to measure my EFT progress. I used only my imagination rather than physical tapping; imagining myself tapping the regular EFT points.

When I felt grief I tapped:

Even though the doctors used forceps and cruelly pulled me into the world...
Even though these doctor's were jerks...
Even though they were arrogant and hurt me...
Even though those doctors had a cavalier attitude about my deformity...
Even though those doctors told my mother there was nothing to do - "just take her home"... and I am open to forgiving these doctors.

I tried to tap on the pain my mother caused me, but there was no 'charge' to this effort.

So I tapped:

Even though I feel the pain my very young mother must have felt by hurting her baby exercising this arm, I love my mother for having the courage to do this exercise and I love myself.

There were a number of rounds of similar tapping. Then out of nowhere came an image of a small dark tunnel with a diffused blurry white light. (I almost stopped this image because it seemed ridiculous to imagine being in the womb, but I softened my desire to edit my feelings and started tapping).

Soon I began to feel very angry:

Even though I don't want to be born...
Even though I don't want to do 'this' again...
Even though I've been 'here' before and I don't want to go...

Soon, the anger dissipated. I had a few tears of sorrow, but felt rather well. Since that time I have no more pain in my neck and shoulder. It does get tight after working out, but the constant pain is really gone. Sometime not having pain feels strange - but wonderful.

By the way, my friend called for an appointment to do EFT. I hope she will have the same amazing healing.

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