Lifetime Soreness and Heaviness in Legs Gone with EFT

Dear Readers,

Alyson Raworth from Scotland shows how EFT applied to a core issue can resolve a physical condition, even one that has lasted a lifetime, for which doctors and specialists had no solution. 

-Stephanie M 

By Alyson Raworth

A client was a long-standing friend who had been to doctors and a specialist and even had a scan to try and eliminate soreness and heaviness in both legs that prevented her from walking long distances and distressed her. She is now in her late 50s, so we are talking about nearly 50 years of carrying this around with her.

Her EFT wording was "Tension in legs" which felt like “heaviness.” I showed her the technique of using EFT and tapped along with her. We tapped for heaviness, tiredness, and tension.

After a few rounds, we linked eventually to a childhood trauma. As I did not want to invade her privacy, we did silent tapping on client’s private memory. A couple of rounds later, she had feelings of amazement that childhood abuse was the start of “these growing pains” (these were the actual words given to the child by the abuser when she had complained at age eight).

We tapped on this issue and then for forgiveness of the abuser, and she had an "Ahhh" (gotcha) and a big smile appeared, and at that point the pain just went away. She also had back pain, which was at an intensity level of 7, and it went to 0 as well, although it wasn’t even addressed. Amazing!

Result intensity level down to 0.

3 months later: No leg pain whatever after long day walking and back pain gone completely.

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