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Pain Relief With EFTeft for back pain by dawson

By Dawson Church, PhD

I was amazed, when conducting a scientific study on EFT Tapping to stop pain, that after just 20 minutes, the pain levels of participants dropped by an average of 68%. Those who haven’t yet experienced EFT often exclaim, “Where did the pain go?”

The results of EFT for pain management are often long-lasting, especially when you tackle the emotional issues that often exacerbate pain.

Try it yourself.

Just download the EFTUniverse Free EFT Get Started Package. To learn more about EFT for pain management, read the book EFT for Back Pain, take one of our weekend EFT Level I Workshops, or visit one of the EFTUniverse certified EFT practitioners. You can also connect with others on the Pain, Symptoms, and Physical Disease Forum/Discussion Group.

EFT addresses two of the underlying aspects of pain. These are:

1 – Disrupted Electromagnetic Fields:

When you get an MRI or EEG test at a hospital, the medical professionals are using information from your body’s electromagnetic fields for diagnosis and treatment. When these fields are out of balance, due to stress or emotional upset, your health can be compromised, resulting in pain and disease. EFT is able to calm those upsets quickly, resulting in a balance in your energy fields. EFT’s easy-to-learn process allows even beginners to produce emotional calm by tapping on certain “release points” on the body.

2 – Stress Neurochemistry:

It is a well established medical fact that our emotions trigger shifts in the hormone and neurotransmitter balance in our bodies. Joyous emotions can produce healthy hormonal shifts, while negative emotions stimulate the production of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. Emotional stress contributes to many physical symptoms, from high blood pressure to heart disease. Negative emotions are also a major contributor to pain. We have seen hundreds of cases in which pain subsides once negative emotions have been addressed with EFT.

Properly done, the EFT process address both of these potential sources of pain simultaneously.

Here is a video of me talking about using EFT for pain management.