Photo Results of 4 Minutes of EFT for Polyarthritis

Dear EFT Community,

You will be amazed by the benefits displayed in the photos below! Not every EFT session creates such a dramatic result, but EFT newcomer Brigitte Schiechel from Germany deserves applause for thinking to generate the result by tapping along with a session from one of the EFT books and a short video.

Will M.

By Brigitte Schiechel

First of all, please excuse my mistakes in writing English. I have not used this language for a long time. I am a real newbie with EFT and I simply must tell you my first experience doing EFT the other day. I bought most of your EFT books almost a year ago but only started reading them last week

I just was reading your Newsletter when a friend of mine came to visit me. She suffers from chronic polyarthritis for almost 40 years and has heavily deformed joints and much pain. It was for about nine months that she could not raise one of her arms very high because of the pain. This was a major disability for her.

She had tried all kinds of treatments, including acupuncture, but nothing helped.

So now she came in when I was watching this short video of a pain treatment you did which is part of that Newsletter. And I said: "come on Margret, let`s do it together with the video. Her pain had an amount of 10 on the scale. And we did EFT along with the video.

After the first round it was only a 6 out of 10 and at the end of the video it was a 4. So we watched this video again and at the end of it she had no pain at all and could rise her arm up high above her head. She was thrilled and had tears in her eyes and goose bumps all over. She hardly could believe it that it could be so easy. After so many months of treatment when nothing had helped at all, four minutes of EFT did it.

So after she calmed down a little, we took pictures of how she could move her arm before and then after the EFT treatment.

And she gave permission to send it to you and show it to others if you like. That took place almost a week before writing this, and the result continues to hold.

I had two other experiences after this with EFT, similarly spectacular.

One experience was with a very old lady in the hospital who had arthritis in her shoulder and heavy pain. This lady I had never seen before and when I noticed her pain I asked her for permission to do something that might help a little. She did and so I took her hand and did the setup and then all the points.

It was a little odd doing this with all the other people around, however I did two complete rounds of EFT. Then I asked her for feedback. She could now raise her arm up high without any pain at all.

This obviously made her very happy and me too. So I want to say thank you.  These experiences I had also give me a totally new direction for my professional development. This makes really good sense to me.

I give you a great big hug and many warm regards from Germany.

Here's Margret before and after we did 4 Minutes of EFT:

Photo results with 4 minutes of EFT tapping


Photo results for 4 minutes of EFT tapping


0 #1 Virginia 2013-01-23 12:21
Not only is this an inspiring article complete with heartwarming pictures, but your English is beautiful too. Thank you.

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