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Physician Successfully Demonstrates EFT on leg Pain

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Dr. Tom Flowers, D.O. recounts her experiences in a drug and rehab center for women where she demonstrates EFT to skeptics who leave the room with positive results.

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By Dr. Tom Flowers, D.O.

I've been using EFT for over a year and had many positive experiences in myself and others. My most dramatic successes have had to do with relief of chronic pain.

I've been teaching EFT at a local drug and alcohol rehab center for women. It's always a great time. What's fun is how skeptical they are at first and in a short time I've been able to make believers of most of them. Usually I get my best results with the most skeptical people in the room.

An example of this is a lady I'll call "D." She was in rehab for drub abuse but had been assaulted about 10 weeks before I met her. She was put in the hospital for several traumatic injuries at the time but her main residual pain issue was her right knee and lower leg. In the assault, she had been bashed across this area with a board and she still had a lot of pain and could barely bend the knee.

I'd been showing the group how to eliminate the desire for an addictive substance acutely with cigarettes. It worked beautifully but they really didn't take it seriously. I realized this and told them they had no idea of the true power of the technique and I asked for someone who was in "real pain" to volunteer.

"D" raised her hand and came forward as if it was a joke. We did a round of EFT for her leg pain and when we finished I asked her "how do you feel?" Her answer was a kind of sneering "the same." Then I asked her to stand up and when she did, the look on her face was priceless. She was so shocked that her pain was relieved that for a moment she was speechless. When she started to move around her pain came back and it required a few more rounds of tapping but she was bending her knee up to her chest and showing everybody when I left.

I went back to see her a month or so later and she had complete relief with only the need to tap a few more times. She said the next day she was even able to participate in a group exercise called "Tai Bo" (a martial arts video) which she had not been able to do.


Thomas Flowers, D. O. 

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