Severe Back Pain Subsides With EFT Tapping

Dear EFT Community,

El March, PhD shares a wonderful EFT tapping story where EFT alleviates and then halts a patient's debilitating lower back pain within just two rounds of EFT.  The patient's pain was completely gone.

-Stephanie M

By El March, PhD

EFT for backpain and back aches

Being in the field of Orthomolecular Medicine for many years, when Ed came to me for lower back pain, we did a variety of things to have him up and running after three months of not being able to go to work or do any movements.

I sent him to chiropractors, made him do exercises and did mega vitamin therapy, only to have him back - at the beginning every few months and later every few years. This year Ed came back with the same nagging pain after having the pain on and off and not so severely for about 3 years. He came to my office in great pain and completely stiff, looking for more exercises and advice to ease the situation.

This time I decided to try the EFT method on him and with his permission we started.

I knew that he has been suffering from this for more than ten years. I first just did 3 rounds of tapping with him on the pain. The pain went down from a 10 to 5 and back up to 10 again. Then we started talking and I found out that he has been laid off from his job couple of years back and he is in business for himself and he cannot afford to take the time off.

So we tapped for:

Even though this pain is the only way that I can rest and spend some time at home without feeling guilty that I'm not making an income.

We also tapped on:

Even though I don't believe this system is going to do anything for me...

During these tapings the pain dropped down to an 8 and no matter how many more rounds we did, it kept on going back and forth between 5 and 8.

Then I asked Ed to explain his emotions on the pain and he said, "Anger."

I asked for further explanation and he went on to tell me the story of how this back pain had come about.

"I was employed at a financial institution as a senior computer centre analyst. At the day this happened I was monitoring the progress on one of the jobs I had given one of my staff to do when we had some computes delivered to our laboratory. As I was looking for someone to set the computers up, my manager, Dan walked in and asked me to haul the computers to a different location in the lab where they would be waiting for installation.

I felt his action was uncalled for and disrespectful to my seniority and grade level. This was completely out of line and this was not part of my functions and I felt belittled in front of my direct reports. As I was lifting one of the boxes, the muscle in my back made a noise and I felt a heat rushing through my lower back and then I could not move anymore. I was sent home and stayed on short term disability for about three months and I came to see you one month before my recovery to go back to work."

With this explanation I decided to tap on the feelings he had going back to 1994 and his manager's actions:

"Even though my manage was disrespectful to me and belittled me in front of my direct reports and I don't believe he had the right to ask me to do what he did, I completely and lovingly accept myself, I love and respect myself, I forgive myself and I forgive Dan."

Once we finished tapping on this the pain dropped from an 8 to 3. Ed kept on calling Dan an "Ass" so I did another round of tapping on:

"Even though Dan behaved like a complete ass and was completely out of line for asking me to move the computers, I completely and lovingly accept myself. I love and forgive myself and I forgive Dan."

Two rounds of this and Ed's pain was completely gone.

He was amazed but did not believe it would last. He went home and I touched base with him the next day and then the next week and now couple of months later, still no pain.


0 #1 Laraine 2013-10-08 15:47
:-) thank you for the insight, I have been dealing with back pain since I was 26yrs of age, I have tapped, used Kinergetics scanning and technique but it still continues, I have tapped generally re stating all this pain while tapping through the process but it continues, constant chiro work which gives relief but has not stopped... it really drives me crazy with frustration a lot of the time, and yes I have tapped on that frustration, but still it persists, then I read your article and a light went on... I have never tapped on my Anger about the incident that started the back pain saga, the Anger over the fact that it was caused by incompetence and negligence at the hands of supposedly skilled anesthetist, which I have no proof but I know what I heard when one said whoops put that in the wrong place and the other say just do it again, So now I have my script and thanks to you I can get to work on the tapping of it.
grateful thank you once more.

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