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Using a Child's own Words in the Emergency Room Worked Better for Asthma and Tachycardia

Dear Readers,

Annelies Carlos writes with how she reached solid benefits using EFT for her childrens asthma, including an account of helping her daughter during an emergency room visit.

-Will M.

By Annelies Carlos


I have a quick story to tell. The reason I originally began learning EFT was for my children. They suffered from asthma and I hated giving them their asthma medications. I became very successful using EFT on myself and others. However, when my kids got asthma my fear took over and I was unable to help them. I became blocked regarding my intuition. One day my daughter got a severe asthma attack and I ended up in the emergency room.

Two different doctors told me that my daughter would have to spend the night, because her breathing was not getting any better. They even put her on oxygen. While in the emergency room I began tapping on my fear of not being able to help my daughter with EFT. After a couple of rounds the knot in my stomach subsided and I relaxed. Then my daughter told me her heart was going boom boom boom. She got tachycardia (heart beating really fast) from the medications. So I tapped a couple of rounds of:

Even though Sophia has tachycardia she loves and accepts herself, but nothing happened. Then I remembered (intuition) it's important to use people's own words when describing how they feel. So I tapped,

Even though Sophia's heart is going boom boom boom she loves and accepts herself. After three rounds her heart went back to normal and the tachycardia subsided.

Then I asked her how she felt when she got asthma. She told me that "I feel like I can't breathe very well." Again, I used her words as I tapped,

Even though I can't breathe very well I love and accept myself. On previous unsuccessful occasions I had used my words such as: Even though Sophia has asthma she loves and accepts herself ... Even though her bronchial tubes are swollen and full of mucus she loves and accepts herself.

By using her own words and most importantly, by releasing my fear, her breathing improved significantly and we were sent home.

Thank you for the gift of EFT.

Annelies Carlos

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