When Pain Persists Despite EFT Tapping

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EFT practitioner, Gillian Wightman writes of EFT's ability to reduce pain. In cases where pain keeps coming back after tapping, there is clear evidence that something is organically wrong and you should visit a qualified physician immediately. Regardless of the outcome, one should still continue tapping along with medical treatment.


By Gillian Wightman

In the summer, my son decided it would be a good idea to mountain bike with friends in narrow alleyways in the next village. My eldest son was filming this event, including the crash that injured his arm.

When he came home, I was subjected to watching the whole 'exciting' drama on film and had to do a lot of tapping to be able to watch the video. It made me feel sick and shaky to watch at first.

However my son’s arm became really swollen and painful and we tapped for all the pain. I used the video as the real life movie technique which accessed all his feelings about it and the physical reactions as he watched the movie.

Even though my arm is so sore and I feel so stupid...

Even though I am so mad with myself, I should have turned...

Even though this really hurts and I think I've wrecked my arm for the summer holidays and I AM SO ANGRY with myself...

These were some of the phrases he used, along with continual tapping on all the pain, and the pain and swelling came down.  However, it reappeared after using EFT the next day. My husband suspected a fracture and suggested we go to the hospital for an X-ray.

I got him to tap all the way to the hospital, when we got there again the swelling had subsided, so much so the doctor told us it was most definitely not a fracture. It was bruised and should be used gently. He reluctantly agreed to an X-ray, as I felt he was not taking into account the tapping we had done.

The next day my son was nearly fainting with pain and we kept tapping to control the pain.

Two evenings later we got a phone call to say they had done a review of the X-ray and there was a small fracture after all. They showed us the X-ray, and at first we couldn't see it, but after blowing it up and reducing it, we could see it clearly.

We kept up the tapping as my son was so upset at the thought of missing out on sailing over the summer, etc.

It was bandaged and we kept tapping on healing and the pain. To everyone’s surprise on the two week checkup it was totally healed and he ended up having a great summer!

But he did give up the mountain biking in the village.

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