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EFT for Overcoming Career Fears

EFT for Overcoming Career FearsEFT Tapping Sequence

Dear EFT Community,

EFT practitioner Mary Bigler, who specializes in optimizing sports performance, writes here about helping a client resolve fears connected to re-entering the work force after many years on disability. Much of her fear revolved around worry about her performance, that she wasn’t up to the challenge.

-EFT Universe

By Mary Bigler

My client was feeling a great deal of apprehension about trying to land a part-time job after many years out of work due to a medical disability.

When thinking about the possibility of working part-time for an old friend in a pizza restaurant, she rated the SUD fear at an 8.

We tapped the Karate Chop point: 

Even though I’m scared to death about taking on a job after such a long time, I accept myself and these feelings.

Even though I’m afraid I won’t be able handle a different routine with a job, I accept these feelings of fear.

Even though I’m afraid I won’t have the stamina to work even part time, I accept this is where I am right now.

Reminder Phrases were:

Eyebrow: I’m really scared.

Side of eye: I’m afraid I won’t be able to handle a job.

Under eye: I haven’t worked for someone else for such a long time.

Under nose: And I’m scared to death.

Chin: Seven hours for training is a long day for me.

Collarbone: I’ll have a lot to learn.

Under the arm: It scares me.

Top of head: What if I get exhausted?

Eyebrow: I have lots of other chores to do.

Side of eye: There’s the move to my apartment and sorting process, which is so time consuming.

Under eye: I need to have energy to deal with all that too.

Under nose: I’m so used to just doing my own thing.

Chin: It’s scary thinking about doing something new.

Collarbone: I’m afraid I might not be up to the task.

Under the arm: It’s hard to be positive when I’m scared.

Top of head: I’m scared I might not be able to do this.

Her fear rating fell to a 5.

We repeated the sequence a couple more rounds to focus on her fear of not being physically/mentally up to the challenges of this job and the SUD level decreased to about a 3.

We decided to tap in some positive scenarios:

Karate Chop point (3 times):

Even though I’m scared I won’t be able to handle a new working environment, I love and accept myself for my tenacity to try something new.

EB: I’m afraid and I’m putting myself out there anyway.

SE: This person is a friend and will understand.

UE: I’ve managed a lot of difficult situations around the house foreclosure for years

UN: And done a brilliant job.

Chin: I’ve handled very difficult situations most people would have never been able to handle as I did on my own.

CB: I’m up for this challenge as well.

UA: I’m open to giving it my best shot.

TH: If it doesn’t work for some reason

EB: I don’t have to continue.

SE: I may need to be a little patient with myself

UE: And have compassion for myself as I learn new things.

UN: Learning anything new brings up fears.

CH: Anyone would feel the same.

CB: I give myself credit

UA: For my skills and abilities

TH: And bubbly personality.

EB: I always try and do a great and thorough job with whatever I do

SE: And people love to support my efforts in learning something new.

UE: I can do this if I set my mind to it.

UN: I can be prepared for each day

CH: by eating and sleeping well

CB: taking my meds on time

UA: which will fuel my energy stores

TH: I can do this part time and feel great about the extra income flowing in.

The SUD level hovered around a 2, but there was definitely relief in her voice and a calmer demeanor.

She went through a couple days of the training, but in the end found there were more job requirements than originally detailed and she was unable to multitask as required.

Now she uses EFT for other personally stressful issues.