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Ten Days to Anxiety Relief

Science has made exciting new breakthroughs in the treatment of anxiety. Studies show that most anxiety can be released quickly, using simple non-drug energy techniques. 

In this course you’re guided by Dawson Church, PhD, founder of the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare and EFT Universe. He describes how to apply this research in practice in your own life. 

The course has 10 lessons that train you to identify the people, situations and thoughts that trigger anxiety. You then use targeted, state-of-the art energy techniques to erase their emotional impact in just a few minutes

Dawson Church, PhD

Are You Ready to Release Your Anxiety?

Each lesson is just 10 to 15 minutes long. Lessons include:

1. What Science Tells Us About Releasing Anxiety
2. Quick-Start Energy Tapping Techniques
3. Quick-Start Meditation
4. Releasing the Stress of Recent Events
5. Disproportionate Emotional Responses
6. Dealing with People Who Trigger You
7. Dealing with Situations That Trigger You
8. Releasing the Stress of Childhood Events
9. Catching Anxiety Early
10. Your Next Steps

I love your upbeat approach and the techniques. The course had immediate, positive impacts upon my thought processes. My intention is to repeat the course a few times to cement the learning.

I just completed my first EcoMeditation. At the end I began crying as l released the stress I was holding. Thank you, Dawson.

Follow these simple lessons, and in just 10 days, you’ll have powerful tools to relieve your anxiety!

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