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Don’t Let Love Slip Away…

Discover How to Rewire Your Brain for ❤ Lasting Love

“Our friends say we’re like newlyweds again!” – Patricia Felipe-Bach

There’s nothing lonelier than being in a relationship where the intimacy has been lost. You wake up every day, wishing it would be different somehow.

Can you relate?

  • Do you sense, deep in your gut, that relationships can be a magical source of joy and love, but reality never lives up to your expectations?
  • Have you seen “perfect couples” get divorced out of the blue—eroding your feeling that love really can last?
    Does sex becomes routine and boring after a while?
  • Do you go from relationship to relationship looking for the perfect partner… but always come up empty-handed?
  • Have you felt frustration and anger as you witness your dreams of love crumble?
  • Have you despaired of ever creating the relationship of your dreams?

Is together really good enough if you still feel alone?

There’s nothing more challenging than seeing your friends happily partnered, or realizing that you are going to go through yet another season feeling alone—even if you’re in a relationship.

It sucks to feel alone, uncertain that your special someone is even out there. It feels unfair. You want more in life.

“I’ve had lots of opportunity while away with my family to see how your program has helped me manage in my relationships, and it’s been amazing! None of the others are involved in tapping or this sort of work, but just focusing on my own feelings and what I’m bringing in has worked a treat. I can see such huge shifts, words are somewhat inadequate to describe the changes. Thank you so much!” 

– Jude Fay

What's your deepest desire in a relationship?

  • Feeling loved for who you are?
  • Being deeply heard and understood by your partner?
  • Experiencing trust and safety?
  • Being free to be yourself?
  • Luscious, erotic, passionate sex?
  • Feeling unconditionally loved?
  • Fun and play?
  • Deep spiritual connection?
  • Lifelong commitment?
  • Meaningful connected conversations every day?
  • A sense of shared soul destiny?
  • Hearing words of appreciation daily?
  • Lingering precious quality time together?

Have you never got what you want, need and deserve in a relationship before?

Have you given up trying, after too many disappointments?

Then here’s the good news:

What you desire is possible!

Whether you’re single or in a couple, the relationship of your dreams is possible. It just takes a set of simple skills to create the relationship you want.

Just like learning to play the guitar, read a map, ride a bike, learn a new hobby, or speak a new language, love skills can be learned.

“A truly outstanding training I would recommend to anyone who wants to live a healthier, happier and more productive life!” – Fred Sauer

Renowned researcher Dawson Church, PhD, is the creator of the Loving Relationships Now program. He’s identified the 12 love skills essential to fabulous relationships. Possess these skills, and great relationships are no longer an accident. You can create them deliberately.

Best of all, when you practice these 12 love skills, they start to change your brain. Neuroscience studies show that the number of synapses in your hippocampus, the center of learning and memory in your brain, grow rapidly.

You literally rewire your brain for loving relationships. Those patterns in your biology translate directly to your experiences. Your neural network is hard-wired to give love, receive love, create love, express love and sustain love over time.

So forget reading a million books on love, or years in psychotherapy. Focus on the one thing that is proven to change your experience: your brain.

Rewire Your Brain for Love

Over 1,000 people have now completed Dawson’s landmark Loving Relationships Now training. They’ve learned the 12 skills that create passionately fulfilling relationships and they’ve changed their brains. Two scientific studies of Loving Relationships Now have shown dramatic improvements in mood and relationship satisfaction in participants.

Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

It’s that simple. In just 12 weeks you can completely re-wire yourself for lasting love. That’s not hope or hype, it’s a fact proven by 2 clinical trials. Relationships with your…

Scientifically Proven: EFT for Relationship Satisfaction and Mental Health

Many scientific studies show that EFT is effective for mental health, and research shows that the Tapping Deep Intimacy course itself produces lasting emotional changes.

In a clinical trial of people taking this course, anxiety was reduced by 37%, and depression by 39%. Their relationship satisfaction, whether they were coupled or single, rose by an average of 26%.[1] A large scale study of 216 Health Care Workers such as doctors, nurses, therapists and alternative medicine practitioners found a 45% reduction in psychological conditions like anxiety and depression after an introductory EFT workshop.[2] There are also studies showing that mindfulness, active listening, and other skills taught in Loving Relationships Now produce lasting improvements in mental health. Dawson Church, PhD is one of the foremost researchers in this field, with dozens of studies and review articles in peer-reviewed journals to his credit.[3]

Dr. Church’s best-selling book The Genie in Your Genes pioneered the study of the link between gene expression and emotion. The Loving Relationships Now course is based on solid science.

1. Church, D. & Clond, M. (2014, May). Relationship satisfaction, anxiety and depression improve following group EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques): A pilot study. Reported at the Annual Conference of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP), Reston, VA.

2. Church, D., & Brooks, A. J. (2010). The effect of a brief EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) self-intervention on anxiety, depression, pain and cravings in healthcare workers. Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal, 9(4), 40–44.

3. Church, D. (2013). Clinical EFT as an evidence-based practice for the treatment of psychological and physiological conditions. Psychology, 4(8), 645–654. doi:10.4236/psych.2013.48092.

It ReallY Is possible!

There are dozens of reports from people who have taken this course expecting a shift in one relationship, but then finding a ripple effect was set in motion, which improved all their relationships.

That’s how powerful it is to re-wire your brain.

You are at the center of your experience. Change your brain, and your entire experience of relationships will change. 

When we started the program, it was do or die. Either my husband and I were going to have a breakthrough, or get divorced. This was our last chance to repair our marriage, and I had so little hope. As we learned the skills one after another, and used them, the walls in our hearts crumbled to dust and we fell into each others' arms. Our friends say we're like newlyweds again!

Patricia Felipe-Bach

Dawson Church did an absolutely superb job of teaching EFT, guiding us through important growth experiences, and putting it all in the context of the most recent research in genetics and biology. A truly outstanding training I would recommend to anyone who wants to live a healthier, happier, and more productive life!

Fred Sauer

former Ford Motor Company executive

There were yucky parts of my life hidden in the basement that I was terrified to uncover. But they would erupt sometimes and horribly hurt my husband and kids. Dawson's soothing gentle manner helped me open the hatch and start to tap away all that yuck. My anger is no longer a danger to my family.

Birmie Gonzalez

I am so grateful that I was able to be in your relationships course and to learn the most effective methods for implementing EFT ever. I have personally benefited most powerfully and in fact it would be exhaustive to list all the things that have improved. Exponential Empowerment!! I look forward to a more positive life and to the opportunity to learn with you again.

Judith Hodges

A million, bazillion, quadrillion thanks! The coaching sessions were wonderful, it was great to feel the healing flow happening in its own perfect timing.

Louise Massey

The course enabled me to release negative feelings and come into a place where I felt space and peace. I find EFT is my “go to” whenever I have painful feelings come up—and there is a release. Watching the videos and EFT sessions uncovered links from my childhood to my current patterns. This has made all the difference in the world. I feel I have been healing deeply and somatically and I am very grateful. Not just for the 12 weeks, but the additional year of support. I received the value of the course in the first two sessions. I highly recommend it!


Each Week You'll Unlock New Modules

Join Dr. Church and over 1,000 other happy singles and couples who’ve found the secret of lasting love. The Lasting Love Now course gives you 12 in-depth learning modules. Every 7 days, you’ll learn an easy, fun new relationship skill. Here’s what you get in the course: every 7 days, a new module will unlock, revealing to you that week’s lesson so you can dive in.

WEEK 1: Fostering Secure Attachment - Inventing a Happy Childhood with EFT

Skill: Living Your Present Free of Your Past
Themes: It’s My Job to Make Everyone Happy, Everything I’ve Tried Can’t Make Them Happy, I Want to Be Close to You, But It’s Dangerous Being Close

WEEK 2: Voices from the Shadow

Skill: Reclaiming the Gifts of the Shadow
Themes: Self-Abandonment, Not Expressing My Wants and Needs, I Disappear in a Relationship, Parents Serve as Role Models for Adult Relationships, Disregarded, Ground Hog Day

WEEK 3: Why Everything You've Tried So Far Hasn't Worked - Neuroplasticity & Stress

Skill: Embracing Creative Conflict
Themes: Him: I Freeze, If I Say Anything I’ll Make the Situation Worse, Big Empty Hole in the Center of My Body, Alone at the Death of My Father. Her: I Can’t Control My Anger, It’s Like an Alien That Pops Out

WEEK 4: Emotional Mastery - Riding the Wild Elephant

Skill: Interrupting the Blame Spiral
Themes: Him: I Leave, I Want To Be Right. Her: I’m Defensive, I Ignore Him for a Couple of Hours

WEEK 5: The Elephant in the Bedroom - Tapping the Power of Emotional Self-Management

Skill: Making Good Sex Great
Themes: Her: I’m So Frustrated, For Years I Screamed, Now I’m Shut Down, Rejected and Ignored. Him: I Don’t Know My Body Anymore, Trouble Expressing My Sexuality

WEEK 6: Avoiding Spiritual Bypass - Practices that Foster True Intimacy

Skill: Slowing Down
Themes: Conforming to Be Acceptable, Dangers of Not Conforming, Damned If I Do and Damned If I Don’t, I Want to Fit In but Not Give Up My Identity, When Do You Say What’s On Your Mind

WEEK 7: Finding Your Soul Mate with EFT

Skill: Exploring the Origins of Your Beliefs
Themes: I’ll Never Find My Soul Mate, It’s Hopeless, Relationships Are Painful, I Have No Confidence That I Can Find the Right Partner

WEEK 8: Freedom from Love Addiction

Skill: Antidotes to Love Addiction
Themes: I’ll Be Consumed in a Relationship, Death of a Sibling, I Give Myself Away in Relationships, I Accept My Body, Feeling Unimportant, Growing Up I Got What I Needed but Not What I Wanted

WEEK 9: Unequally Yoked - When Only One Person Wants to Change

Skill: Working Alone on Your Relationship
Themes: Him: I’m in a Fog, ADHD Her: Don’t Want To Hear Him Say “I’m Sorry” One More Time, We Never Have Fun Together, My Happiness Depends on Him

WEEK 10: Relationship as Spiritual Path

Skill: Using Your Relationship to Support Your Spiritual Journey
Themes: The Home I Came From Was Dangerous, Running Away vs Staying, Adult Events Mirror Childhood Patterns, Will He Be Angry?

WEEK 11: Dealing with Attractions and Affairs

Skill: Stoking Your Home Fire with Imported Fuel
Themes: Living with Ambivalence, There’s Not Much Emotion in My Current Relationship, Finding “The One,” Betrayal, My Intuition Fails in Relationships

WEEK 12: Energy Ecology

Skill: Cultivating a Beautiful Energy Ecosystem
Themes: I Lost My Freedom with the Birth of My Siblings, Their Needs vs. My Needs, I Am Beautiful Except For…

Yes, I’m Ready for Lasting Love! ❤

You also get...

Membership Portal

  • When you enroll, you get the first of 12 weekly lessons, plus access to a membership area and course content

Multi-Media Library

Each week inside the portal you have access to an entire multi-media library of content and training. Including:

  • That Week's Written Lesson (also downloadable as a PDF)

  • An Audio Teleseminar Lesson (also downloadable as an MP3 - prerecorded)

  • A Course Video (Instruction by Dr. Church or another relationship expert)

  • A Love Skills Training Exercise

  • Homework You'll Love

  • Additional Resources

Weekly Coaching Calls

We’re serious about your transformation. We also know support is the most important factor to transformation and real lasting change. Each week features a downloadable 1-2 hour teleclass with Dawson Church in which he coaches a participant in depth, as well as teaching on topic that brings love and joy into your relationships.

Facebook Community

You'll receive an invitation to a Facebook page in which you connect with Dawson and other participants. You can share your insights and challenges, and feel the warmth, kindness and support that comes from truly caring people. Dawson and other practitioners answer your questions and share inspiration and guidance with you through this exclusive community.

"Borrowing Benefits" Teleclass Library

"Borrowing Benefits" is a remarkable technique proven in over 20 clinical trials. It guides you in using Energy Psychology techniques to heal your own issues as you "borrow benefits" while listening to audio sessions with others. 24 of Dawson's most important and relevant teleclasses are available for you to download. Themes include the foundations of healthy relationships, including:

  • How Early Childhood Experiences Shape Sex and Intimacy
  • Setting Healthy Boundaries
  • Being Heard By Your Partner
  • How Anger Sabotages Trust and Intimacy
  • Healing Intergenerational Patterns
  • When to End a Relationship
  • Listening to Your Body’s Inner Wisdom
  • Fostering Trust and Connection With Others
  • The Safety Bubble in Spiritual Relationships
  • Making “Feeling Great” the New Normal
  • Finding Yourself After a Relationship Ends
  • How to Come Together With a Partner in One Mind
  • Should I Stay, or Should I Go? How to Decide
  • Dropping Your Old Story, Inventing Your New Story
  • Projecting Unmet Childhood Needs Onto Your Partner
  • Core Beliefs that Shape Relationship Experiences
    … and much, much more

Any one of these 24 topics can be the key that unlocks deeper love for you. Each topic is explored in the context of current science and relationship case histories. Each of Dawson’s presentations is followed by a powerful audio coaching session with a course participant.

You download the teleclasses most relevant to you on your mobile device, so you have them at your fingertips to guide you through your most difficult challenges.

Plus, you'll get these amazing bonuses!

Loaded with relationship-building wisdom from top-selling authors ($97 value):

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Wishing is not enough. You’ve got to take real action.

If all you do is wish, you’ll be stuck right where you are for a very long time. You deserve more! Whether you are single and wondering whether love will never come your way, or in a long-term relationship where love has died, Loving Relationships Now can reboot your brain for lasting love.

Please don’t spend another year just wishing love will find you. Don’t spend another day wishing that love will magically return to your relationship. Take action today to build a brain that’s destined for love.


You deserve love, too.

❤️ The relationship of your dreams IS possible

❤️ The Loving Relationships Now course can help you find it

Don't let this opportunity pass you by!