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Thoughts to Things in 21 Days

Imagine your love life, your health, your money, your career, your spiritual path – if you had the ability to turn your dreams into reality.

Have you ever wondered how some people are able to manifest their desires so easily? They want something, and it appears effortlessly from out of the blue?

Other people are the opposite. No matter how hard they struggle, their dreams rarely come true.

Those who have learned the secret of manifestation are Master Manifestors. They’ve discovered a way of thinking and being that produces what they want… time after time.

They don’t need to sweat or work hard to produce their dreams. They think of a goal or desire – and it seems to appear as if by magic. These lucky people are the true masters of manifestation.

  • Would you like to become like one of them?
  • Would you like to know what they know?
  • Would you like to condition your mind to be able to do the same thing?
  • Would you like to learn to do what they do?

Start Your Day Inspired and Receptive to Manifestation

In this short program, you’ll get 21 days of inspiration from Master Manifestors, one for each and every day. You’ll hear them tell their powerful personal stories in their own words. You’ll be inspired to cultivate the mind-set that turns thoughts into things.

Every day you’ll receive:

  • A 5-minute audio story from one of these “power thinkers”
  • Three brief meditations – one for each week – to train your brain in the methods Master Manifestors use
  • A daily manifestation theme to shape each day
  • A potent question to ponder and journal about that day

You’ll start your day inspired and receptive to manifestation through the 5-minute story. You’ll follow this up with a 7-minute meditation that puts your brain into a state that’s receptive to intuition, synchronicity, and manifestation.