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Alina Frank

City/Town Seattle
State/Province Washington
Country United States
Certification Renewal Date 2022-01-01
Work phone (206)973-7881

Alina Frank is a certified EFT coach, an EFT master trainer, and master life coach since 2005. She has assisted over 5000 clients and trained several thousand students in the NW, Canada, Mexico, FL, and NYC. Along with her husband Dr. Craig Weiner, Alina Frank has help students receive the highest quality EFT education since 2006 with an emphasis on the Art, Science, and Business of Tapping. Alina Frank is also the organizer of the annual NW Tappers Gathering each spring at Bastyr University, a community gathering for EFT enthusiasts in the Northwest which donates thousands to ongoing EFT research studies. Alina Frank is also the best selling author of How to Want Sex Again Using EFT and is the contributing author of 8 books on Tapping including the Clinical EFT Manual. In 2016 Alina Frank launched her own Reclaiming Intimacy Certification program for women coaches assisting women from sexual injury to reclaiming intimacy. For more information please visit www.tapyourpower.net and www.efttappingtraining.com Certified as EFT coach through Gary Craig, EFT Universe, and Matrix Reimprinting. Certified Master Life Coach through American University of NLP. Certified Trainer of EFT through EFTUniverse. Certified Master Trainer through AAMET. Certified Trainer of Matrix Reimprinting EFT through Matrix Reimprinting, Ltd. UK. Certified provider of CEUs for trainings.


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