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Andrea Ensing

Street 1501 Coventry Rd
City/Town Schaumburg
State/Province Illinois
Country United States
Certification Renewal Date 2018-01-01
Work phone 847.346.7393

I am passionate about helping people go from surviving to thriving. Living in the crazy, hectic, stressful corporate world for years I learned that boundaries, confidence and self esteem were always a "some day" away. I was so sick and tired of waiting for that day! After learning to embrace the day by living in the moment and practicing mindfulness, I left the stress of "living to work" and began "working to live"! As an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practitioner and Life Coach, I help people to stop living a life on autopilot and become emotionally free to live in the moment! I facilitate multiple workshops using EFT as a foundation. Some of the workshops I have created are "Not Another Diet #endemotionaleating (10 week weight loss class), Be Proud, Take a Bow (overcoming performance anxiety), #GetHappier (creating happiness) and EFT for Parents and Teens. Individual EFT/coaching sessions are also available face to face, or via phone and Skype. Using EFT helps to neutralize the body's physiological response to adrenaline/cortisol/stress, thus helping with weight loss, reducing anxiety, calming fear/phobias and much more. In addition, I am available for public speaking engagements as well and speak on many topics, including EFT, Procrastination, Stress Reduction, Conflict Resolution and Motivating for Peak Performance.


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