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Andrea Laltoo

Street 22 Church Street
City/Town Moncton
State/Province New Brunswick
Country Canada
Certification Renewal Date 2021-10-15
Work phone 425.219.9604

It”s safe to say EFT tapping changed my life! I went from being afraid of leaving my house (yes, this is really true!) to nowadays spending months travelling solo”¦ in addition to all the other amazing health improvements I”ve experienced since I started tapping. I have more confidence, more resilience, and overall more LOVE in my life than ever before. And I love sharing this awesome technique with others!!! My background is in dental hygiene - in fact, I first heard of EFT at a dental continuing education course! Some of the other activities I enjoy (besides dentistry) are trail running, yoga, aerial arts, and hiking. Besides being an EFT tapping practitioner, I am also a certified Thetahealing instructor and regularly attend energy medicine conferences to stay current on new techniques. I facilitate group tapping sessions (known as borrowing benefits groups or tapping circles), and also offer private sessions by phone, Skype, or in person. Some things I really enjoy using tapping with are putting a voice to repressed anger and grief, and facilitating self-acceptance.


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