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Andy Bryce

Street 16 Roebuck Drive
City/Town Baldwins Gate, Staffordshire
Country United Kingdom
Certification Renewal Date 2022-01-01
Work phone +44.1666826037

Andy created an advanced EFT workshop called the Heart of Receiving in 2006, which facilitates the participants to release shame, guilt, low self esteem, and other blocks to receiving love, wealth and fulfilment. He also formulated his own bodywork, Breakthrough Bodywork in 1988, which was designed to release stuck emotions and stored trauma. Andy has been working with personal growth, well-being and emotional resilience for over thirty years. For the last fifteen years, his primary toolkit has been Emotional Freedom Techniques. Andy has been teaching EFT for 20 years. Andy is an EFT Founding Master Practitioner, as one of only 28 EFT Master Practitioners worldwide in 2006. It has always been Andy's commitment to provide a safe environment for his clients, which allows them to feel validated and completely accepted as they are. Clients often remark that they have never been heard so completely nor felt so understood and accepted. This allows for a solid foundation to create positive growth and change, and to provide the individuals with the tools to make the choices that serve them best. Andy is a past Director of Training for AAMET International and he has trained practitioners in Belgium, France, Italy, Canada,USA, Australia, Greece and the United Kingdom as a Trainer of Trainers.


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