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Angela Johnson

Street CURRUMBIN WATERS QLD 4223 Australia
City/Town Currumbin Waters
State/Province Queensland
Country Australia
Certification Renewal Date 2021-11-12
Work phone +61 415.528.885

Renew Your Joy, Refresh Your Life! Founder of TheJoyHut and being passionate about helping you to feel amazing by taking control over your life again, Angela personally and professionally utilises EFT every day and supports you to experience the most aligned relationship with yourself and others! After moving through her own challenges with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, stress, pain, weight gain, anxiety, trauma and dramatic relationship changes, Angela has been referred to as the 'Angel' catalyst for positive change and lives and breathes the Mind-Body-Spirit-Energy connection. Spending the last 25 years delving into how we can heal ourselves, Angela's holistic approach offers variety and a combination of modalities. She regularly utilises EFT with her clients to allow inner alignment and clear blocks that stop them allowing the natural raising of awareness and growth. Angela is passionate about the power of an individual to help evolve our level of evolution, one person at a time, to co-create a happy and fulfilling world! After years of health challenges and becoming a 'Soul' parent to her 8 year old son, the compassion, tools and love she brings to holding space for you, so you can learn how to innately move over the bridge from being stuck where you are now to where you want to be, is priceless! Angela brings experience from Pathology, Remedial Massage Therapy, Circuit Training, Intuitive/Spiritual Healing, Energy Medicine & Psychology (including Chakra Healing, Personal Colour Charts & Chi-Cycle Lifestyle), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT ”“ Tapping), Trauma Informed Practises, Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Ericksonian Hypnosis, Cognitive Re-Imprinting, and Health & Lifestyle Consulting. She therefore brings an extensive amount of knowledge with real life experiences into her coaching practice. With a strong purpose of enhancing your life in all areas, Angela”s is an expert in issues ranging from self-esteem/self-confidence/self-care, relationships/communication mastery, anxiety and stress coaching, goal attainment, health & lifestyle fulfilment (including weight-loss), performance & behavioural change (including phobia”s and addictions), emotional & energetic healing, pain management & other Mind/Body/Emotional/Energetic imbalances. She also regularly facilitates Workshops that teach mindful communication, self-care and building harmonious relationships, even in the midst of challenge. On a personal note, Angela regularly practices Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Personal Transformation, surfing, African Drumming and various forms of Dance to keep living her experiencing a Joyful life within her highest potential and from an empowered inner environment. If you feel ANY resonance with Angela whatsoever, call for a quick chat with today, so you can begin to feel amazing with her supportive guidance!


Results with Angela


EFT is a great tool for relieving day to day issues like anxiety & stress right through to unpacking big traumas. Angela is a dedicated practitioner who has taught & guided me how to use EFT in my daily practice for self use. I can highly recommend her, shes a blend of bootcamp & fun guru. ~ Tracey C


Amazing results with Angela!!!


I always get fast and effective results with Angela. She has a very intuitive approach like she knows exactly what is going on with me and it feels like she is in my head, which is a great thing because it removes the blockages to help me move forward and I leave the sessions feeling so much better than when I arrived. Thanks Ang!


Tools for Life


I started using EFT tapping through being of client of Ang for life coaching. We used it in conjunction to clear emotional issues while I was being mentored by her in general. It is brilliant and super effective. She is a wonderful practitioner. Ang is very professional and also very compassionate warm and comforting nature and holds space well. I not only used EFT while in sessions but also in daily life. Through many kinds of situations from grief to anxiety and it works every time for every possible emotion or thought pattern too. I still use it. I’ve also been looking into becoming a practitioner myself. This all started with Ang. I highly recommend her as a practitioner to anyone seeking emotional freedom or if your already looking for An EFT practitioner. Look no further than right here. It’s a great tool for life and Ang will guide you through it.