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Barbara Charlton

Street Greater Dallas-Ft. Worth area
City/Town Lewisville
State/Province Texas
Country United States
Certification Renewal Date 2021-12-04
Work phone 612.414.6721

Do you ever wonder if you”ll find your path? I know I did. After a successful tenure in Information Technology sales and program management, followed by an equally flourishing career as a REALTOR®, I knew there was something more I was meant to do. Despite my achievements, I found myself longing to find my passion and fulfill my purpose. Enter EFT. Throughout countless hours of training, in excess of 1,500 hours of face-to-face time with clients on four continents, and navigating through more complex study topics than I ever dreamt possible, I was blessed to discover what I had been missing -- my true calling as an EFT Certified Practitioner-1. I'd like to think I chose my specialties, but in truth, those specialties chose me. A large share of my clients are (were) in a relationship with a person who demonstrates narcissistic tendencies. That person may be a spouse, partner, parent, or child. There are some unique things that arise in these relationships, and this has become a big focus for me. Are you having trouble getting over the loss of a beloved pet? Many people don”t understand the special bond that develops. If you think it”s been far too long, and you just can”t seem to move on, call me. I am a lifelong pet parent, and I understand what you”re going through. I can help. Another area is someone who has experienced something unexplained or unknown. Many times those events can be very disturbing, and it can be difficult to talk to family or other professionals about it. I have clients who have suffered in silence. They think they're "weird" and just have to live with it. Well, they don't. I don't judge or try to talk you out of your experience or your feelings. We just work through them and clear them. EFT allows me to learn and grow daily, right along with my clients. Through video conferencing, I guide them in releasing emotions that keep them from living their best life. I teach clients to use EFT as a fast, easy, and effective self-help tool, stepping in to coach and guide them, when requested, to delve into deeper or more complex emotional events. I have the privilege of tagging along with my clients as they release the old hurts, sadness, or stagnating emotions that may have been clouding their lives for decades. I never get tired of seeing their surprised, happy faces! This work is my passion. It is what I was born to do. I am living my own best life thanks to personally practicing EFT and sharing its healing potential with others. Barbara Faith Charlton EFT Certified Practitioner-1 Barb.EFT@gmail.com Cell/text 612.414.6721 Facebook Messenger m.me/MetaphoricalArcheologyLLC


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