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Barbara Hilkey

City/Town Vancouver
State/Province Washington,D.C
Country United States
Certification Renewal Date 2020-10-31
Work phone 360.719.2132

I”m Barbara Hilkey, a professional coach for personal transition. I take a personalized approach to help each individual client achieve and maintain their own goals, dreams and desires for your life. I work with three specific areas where your goals and dreams have been compromised or have hit a road block: 1. Emotional eating, weight or body image issues 2. Poor self-image, lack of confidence, not good enough 3. Disorganization somewhere in your life, work or home environment Using EFT my clients have released major blocks in their lives addressing their emotions. They have accomplish some pretty awesome goals and left behind some pretty intense pain. The commonality was fear or a past memory which are the two major blocks we can all associate with.


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