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Barbara Porter

Street Pinjarra, Western Australia
City/Town Perth
State/Province Western Australia
Country Australia
Certification Renewal Date 2022-12-23
Work phone 043.539.2601

In 2001 I qualified as a Bach Flower Remedy Practitioner. I added counselling, including grief counselling before qualifying as a Kinesiologist and Australian Bush Flower Essence Practitioner. My main focus now is EFT, fine tuning and enhancing sessions with flower essences and muscle testing, where appropriate. I work in a gentle way, 'meeting' the client where they are, without judgement. I totally respect a client's right to make their own choices, encouraging them to take control, in a supportive way. My area of expertise is anxiety. I offer face to face and zoom sessions, working with most time zones. I offer a free 15 minutes zoom session, to check if we are a 'good fit' for each other. Please email.   Review "I had 3 sessions with Barbara working on childhood trauma and core beliefs that had held me back for years.... I experienced massive shifts in both, thanks to her thoroughness and expertise. I felt very safe and in good hands while feeling at my most vulnerable, which was a blessing.... EFT is and amazing tool to becoming unstuck. I feel lighter and happier already! Thank you, Barbara!!" Liz, Sydney, Australia ??


Release from old ICU trauma


A recent bereavement brought up past events where I had visited a number of relatives in ICU in the past. One stood out – a visit to a loved aunt when I was aged 25. I was asked to step out of the room while medical staff entered to work on my aunt with instruments of torture in a kidney dish, including a vast and horrifying ‘horse needle’.

Thanks to Barbara’s sensitive and persistent attention to a range of aspects throughout our session, I was able to recognise that the equipment and the procedures helped to save my aunt’s life. I was feeling stressed before the session and later felt relieved and very pleased that a whole range of forgotten events had surfaced and several had been worked on and released. There was clearly more clearing to do on ICU visits to other relatives and Barbara explained about all these visits forming a ’table top’ with individual visits the ’table legs’ and that I might not need to work on all the visits because of the generalisation effect.

I was happy to work with Barbara because of her kindness, professionalism and perceptiveness. I was able to trust her and to talk about personal matters I would normally prefer to keep to myself. Thank you. E.T. 1/12/20


Releasing Mental/Emotional Negative Patterns


“I love working with Barbara! She is a determined and wise practitioner who guides clients in releasing negative mental/emotional patterns that no longer serve a purpose. she holds a vision of the possibilities that are available and kindly takes you there. I feel more and more, the space you helped create in my being. Thank you!” G. L. 14 November 2020