Barbara Bell

Street 159 Valley Ridge Green Nw
City/Town Calgary
State/Province Alberta
Country CA
Business Name Peaceful Soul EFT
  • Other Physical Issues
  • Pain Management
  • Pregnancy, Birth, New Families
  • Self Image
  • Stress and Anxiety
Certification Renewal Date 1726167600
Work phone 587.500.4505

I have always believed in our body’s wisdom and am fascinated by the mind body connection. If we get quiet, pay attention, and listen, the body can lead us to complete health, and our most fulfilling life - living from the heart. My journey through a family trauma led me to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Focused on making sure everyone else was alright, I put my own needs aside. Stress, anxiety, fear, guilt, shame, anger, and grief became constant companions and quickly took a toll on my health. It was a dark night of the soul and I had no choice but to stop putting myself last and start listening to my body’s messages. Over time, I realized that my lack of boundaries and co-dependency arose from something much deeper - core beliefs and self esteem issues stemming from childhood, specifically my birth and adoption. EFT has been integral in helping me move on from the traumas that could have held me back, launched me into my own healing, and into a career helping others. I am honored to help clients break free from the guilt and shame around “putting themselves first” using EFT, meditation, and forgiveness. In each session, we relieve emotional and physical symptoms, explore childhood experiences, and uncover the beliefs and patterns holding you back from becoming your healthiest and best self and true peace. I work with clients in Canada and worldwide via Zoom video/phone. Using primarily EFT, I also draw on techniques and trainings from John Newton, Donna Eden, Deborah King, and others. Specialties: · Adoption and Birth trauma · Self Esteem and Self Worth · Co-dependency and People Pleasing · Physical Pain and Symptoms · Self-Care Coaching


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