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Bernie Bowman

City/Town Winnipeg
State/Province Manitoba
Country Canada
  • Trauma Complex (PTSD, multiple considerations)
Certification Renewal Date 1746298800
Work phone 204.813.2423

"Actually, I woke up one day and decided I didn't want to feel like that anymore or ever again. So I changed." This quote from an unknown author is what kept me going. I am a 3x trauma survivor and have been healed by my own C-PTSD (complex post traumatic stress) using Tapping. My biggest passion was to be able to help others to heal from their own PTSD, Trauma, and Grief if I could ever get better myself. Once I did I set out to learn and get certified. I am a Certified Energy Psychology Practitioner and a TFT (thought field therapy) Certified Level 3 Practitioner. My own personal experience with traumatic events in my own life helps me bring compassion and understanding to my client and group sessions.


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