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Bonnie Sheldon

Street Jupiter, Fl
City/Town Jupiter
State/Province Florida
Country United States
Certification Renewal Date 2021-03-27
Work phone 561.222.4766

Hi, I'm Bonnie - I help people with issues about their bodies, helping clients free their bodies and their lives, attaining increased physical self compassion, physical comfort and heightened emotional freedom. If you're suffering from exercise aversion; body shame, elder body shame; if you've gone through pregnancy or menopause and your body isn't yours any more, much less fit, and you don't know where to turn; if you register repeatedly for gym or yoga classes and never participate - Help is available. With EFT and my specialized programs, it's possible to discover/reclaim your body as your own, and move to a level of fitness that promotes wellness and longevity, Plus, You Feel Better. Your body can be your best friend or your worst enemy. With the tools I offer you can reclaim your friendship and truly integrate with your body - Free your Body and you'll Free Your Life! As a Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner and a specialist in Somatic Movement and somatic awareness I help people address limiting beliefs about their bodies and move into a partnership of wellness with their physical reality in balance with mind and emotion. Somatics is a field of study that is derived from the Greek word soma, which means “the living body.” Within the context of movement, it can be defined as how the mind and body are perceived from within to self-correct and heal. Working with EFT and Somatic Release in the body enables everyone to face their life time body issues and their fitness issues and goals with a full tool kit of support systems. Together, we work to clear any negativity around physicality, body image, body shame or"exercise" and to discover the training activities that help each uniquely individual body feel good. I've come to this area of specialty after using EFT to help overcome what was considered a terminal illness. It's now my privilege to serve others facing issues needing Physical Self Compassion. Trained as a Movement and Fitness Specialist, along with the techniques learned during my previous professions in dance, fitness, body movement fundamentals, observation and pioneering somatic work. my work with limiting physical beliefs using EFT is both trauma informed and has delivered success to numerous clients.


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