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Charlene Smart

City/Town Bowbells
State/Province North Dakota
Country United States
Certification Renewal Date 2023-05-17
Work phone 701.641.0904

Charlene Smart of Healing Light Wellness is a Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner and Energy Healer. She focuses on Emotional Healing, Anxiety Support, Stress Management, Trauma and PTSD. Her passion is to bring peace and healing to the lives of her clients and those around her. Through the years Charlene has come to understand that true healing is accomplished when we include the body, the mind and the soul. To help achieve this type of healing, Charlene combines EFT and Energy Healing into each session. During your session you will take control of your healing by using Emotional Freedom Technique to focus on specific aspects, events, emotions and areas of concern while Healing Energy flows around you, helping you to clear energetic blocks and resistance. This happens effortlessly, as if these two therapies were a perfect match. By pairing Energy Healing with EFT Charlene is also better able to adjust techniques while following the energy flow to better serve her clients. Charlene”s utmost concern is for her client”s well being and healing, she practices from a place of love and compassion to support you during the entire healing process. 


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